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Bank of America: 90% of respondents plan to buy cryptocurrencies in the next 6 months

Despite bearish market sentiment, most cryptocurrency holders plan to buy “some amount of crypto” before the end of the year.

A new Bank of America survey shows that interest in cryptocurrencies remains high among Americans, with more than 90% of respondents saying they plan to buy cryptocurrencies within the next six months.

According to Jason Kupferberg, an analyst at Bank of America, the survey was conducted on June 1, after the collapse of Terra Luna. The sample size was 1,000 US adults.

In an interview with CNBC’s ‘TechCheck’, Kupferberg added that the percentage of respondents looking to buy cryptocurrencies was similar to the number they said they bought during the first six months of 2022.

Bitcoin adoption and payments

Regarding the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the bank says that adoption is not very pronounced.

However, with more movement towards payments tied to cryptocurrencies such as Coinbase’s Visa card, connecting with merchants and users is much simpler and more useful to bring new impetus to the industry.

Bank of America also says that the cryptocurrency market is unlikely to see a major shift in the global adoption of many cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges. Comparing it to the dot-com era, Kupferberg says it is very likely that some of the projects will die out, before those that survive have wider adoption.

Stock and BTC price correlation

The BofA analyst also noted that Bitcoin remains highly correlated with equities, especially high-growth tech stocks. This lock trade has the price of BTC falling along with market downturns, trending towards a bear market as major stocks sell off.

On Monday, the price of Bitcoin dropped nearly 18%, with negative headlines about the Celsius Network compounding the downward pressure. The BTC/USD pair dropped to a 24-hour low of $22,725.

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Bank of America sees huge opportunity in metaverse for the entire crypto ecosystem

The Bank of America strategist says the metaverse is a great opportunity where cryptocurrencies will be widely used as currencies. “I really think it’s a great opportunity,” he said.

Bank of America Metaverse Forecast

Bank of America strategist Haim Israel told Insider on Tuesday that the metaverse is a great opportunity for blockchain technology. Moreover, he hopes that the cryptocurrency will become popular.

Israel is the chief research officer at Bank of America and a global strategist. He is also Director of the Global Thematic Research Team at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He detailed:

I really think this is a great opportunity ... You need the right platforms ... it will definitely be a great opportunity for this whole ecosystem.

The Bank of America strategist predicted that the metaverse is where “we’ll start using cryptocurrencies as currencies,” pointing out that this is where people will finally start to use cryptocurrencies extensively for money. transactions.

However, the research director believes that existing cryptocurrencies are likely to be too volatile for this purpose, hoping that certain types of stable currencies will dominate.

The Metaverse gained a lot of attention in October, when social media giant Facebook changed its name to Meta. Many real estate properties on the Decentraland virtual reality platform were recently sold for $ 2.4 million, and Republic Realm paid $ 4.3 million for a property in the metaverse The Sandbox on Tuesday.

The Bank of America strategist also predicted that traditional payments companies will be much more interested in cryptocurrencies if they are widely used in the metaverse. “I see a lot of collaboration between the two,” he said.

Earlier this month, global investment bank Morgan Stanley said the metaverse is the next big investment topic. Last week, Grayscale Investments released a report indicating that the Metaverse is potentially a $ 1 trillion business opportunity.