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Payments Giant PayPal Invests in New Crypto Wallet Software to Boost Web3 Adoption

Payments giant PayPal is investing millions in Magic, the San Francisco-based crypto wallet company, in its latest venture into the digital asset space.

According to Magic’s press release, the wallet-as-a-service (WaaS) provider has raised $52 million in a strategic funding round led by PayPal Ventures.

According to Alan Du, partner at PayPal Ventures,

“Mass adoption of Web3 is a hot topic, and Magic is facilitating it with a simple and secure solution. discover Web3. We are proud to invest in Magic and are confident that the company will help increase the number of use cases for Web3 among global brands.”

The funding round also included investments from Cherubic, Synchrony, KX, Northzone and Volt Capital, bringing the total amount raised by Magic to $80 million, according to the release.

Magic, a 2018 tech startup, provides a non-custodial crypto wallet infrastructure for companies that want to give their customers a simple and secure Web3 experience.

The company uses a unique Software Development Kit (SDK) which is implemented to allow customers to instantly create wallets using their existing email, social media accounts or SMS. To date, Magic has created more than 20 million unique wallets, according to the release.

Current Magic customers include several branded companies, including Mattel, Macy’s, Xsolla, and Immutable.

Magic co-founder Sean Li said the funding will allow the company to expand its presence in the European Union (EU) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

says Li,

“With this new funding, we are focused on expanding functionality and growing use cases to continue to deliver more value to our customers. We also look forward to achieving deeper integration in the EU and APAC.”

Paypal’s recent filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shows that the company held approximately $604 million in digital assets, including $291 million in Bitcoin (BTC) and $250 million in Ethereum (ETH), in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Last December, they also announced a partnership with cryptocurrency firm ConsenSys to integrate PayPal with MetaMask, one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets in the world.

In April, PayPal-owned Venmo announced plans to allow its more than 70 million users to transfer cryptocurrency to other Venmo users, as well as move digital assets to wallets and external exchanges.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Predicts Bitcoin Price Explosion to $100,000

Bestselling personal finance author Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki predicts a massive rush into Bitcoin (BTC) as he says more people are gearing up for the top crypto asset.

Kiyosaki tells his 2.4 million Twitter followers that Bitcoin will rise over 257% from its current value of $27,973.

He predicts that Bitcoin will eventually trade for $100,000, in part because he believes people will increasingly prefer the crypto king to the US dollar following a series of Federal Reserve interest rate hikes aimed at reducing inflation. .

He also says that Bitcoin is fundamentally sounder than traditional financial institutions like banks, which took government bailouts to stay afloat.

“WHY I USE BITCOIN: Years ago I saw BTC rise to $20,000 and then drop to $0. I thought BTC was over. I slowly watched BTC rise to $6,000 and bought a lot. WHY? Because people support BTC, not the FED or the government. BTC didn’t need the FED or government bailout because BTC people’s money. BTC to $100,000. Long live BTC.”

Bitcoin bull previously predicted that Bitcoin will eventually trade for over $100,000, predicting that the value of BTC will reach $500,000 by 2025.

He said BTC’s rally will largely be fueled by the Federal Reserve’s easing of monetary policy and the injection of liquidity into markets.

“A giant showdown is coming. Possible depression. The Fed was forced to print billions in counterfeit money. By 2025, gold at $5,000, silver at $500, and Bitcoin at $500,000. Why? Because faith in the US dollar, counterfeit money, will be destroyed. Money from the gods of gold and silver. Bitcoin [is] the people’s money. Be careful.”

Kiyosaki also said that of all crypto assets, Bitcoin is one of the most attractive, as US regulators are likely to view Bitcoin as a commodity like gold, silver and oil.

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India to facilitate international payments in rupees to reduce reliance on the US dollar

The Indian government has announced that it will facilitate the settlement of international transactions using its national currency, the rupee. As part of its foreign trade policy implemented on April 1st, the country introduced this measure to facilitate payments to countries with a falling US dollar.

India to offer rupee-based settlement options for international trade

The Indian government is introducing new settlement methods other than US Dollar for international trade. The new foreign trade policy guidance, implemented on April 1, includes a new option to settle payments in Indian Rupees, giving countries facing a drop in the US dollar a way to continue doing business with the country.

The new directive would aim to help countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Egypt, which are struggling to obtain US dollars to continue exchanging goods with India. Commerce Secretary Sunil Barthwal said the move would help those countries hedge disaster against a hypothetical dollar drought.

The move is part of New Delhi’s efforts to profile its currency globally. In this sense, the Indian Department of Commerce explained that this new foreign trade policy plan is designed to “work towards making the Indian rupee a global currency, adding further impetus to India’s emergence as a world trading center”.

Countries moving away from US dollar hegemony

India is the latest in a list of countries that have taken some steps to move away from using US dollars, at least for international business. China, which is part of the BRICS bloc, which is also integrated with India, Brazil, Russia and South Africa, has also been promoting the use of the Chinese yuan as part of an international policy of de-dollarization.

At the meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin as part of Xi’s visit to Russia on March 21, Putin supported the use of the Chinese yuan to settle payments with emerging economies in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Also, more recently, China signed an agreement with the Brazilian government to get rid of the dollar in its bilateral agreements, replacing it with national currencies.

Other blocs are also contemplating ways to lessen their reliance on the US dollar. ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, a bloc that includes Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, is pressuring its members to use national currencies for payments, as those who fear the US secondary sanctions for failing to impose a trade ban on Russia.