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Where to buy a Bitcoin ETF

The first Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), offered by ProShares, launched on Tuesday this week. It is traded under the symbol BITO and will allow equity investors to gain exposure to the digital currency without having to purchase it on a crypto exchange.

How and where to buy Bitcoin ETFs

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What is the Bitcoin ETF?

Before buying Bitcoin ETF (BITO), one must first distinguish between Bitcoin and Bitcoin futures. In essence, a futures contract for any asset is simply an agreement to buy or sell the asset on a future date and at a predetermined price.

Now, buying Bitcoin ETF means you are buying a stock whose value fluctuates based on the price of Bitcoin futures contracts traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Should I buy Bitcoin ETF today?

Many professional fund managers agree that it is a reasonable strategy not to invest more than 5% to 10% of your total portfolio in crypto assets. Buying the new BITO Bitcoin ETF is ideal for many investors who want to be exposed to Bitcoin but do not want to go through the process of opening a crypto account.

Bitcoin ETF Price Predictions

According to experts at Fundstrat Global Advisors, the price of Bitcoin could exceed $ 166,000 by the end of 2021. However, the price of Bitcoin does not necessarily correlate with the price of ETFs, which is confusing.

This is because futures contracts are not directly backed by physical Bitcoin, but rather by a derivative of Bitcoin. For example, Bitcoin can gain 40%, but Bitcoin ETF can only increase by 30%. This is because future ETFs have contracts that expire periodically and must be redeemed.

Bitcoin Bitcoin Investment Bitcoin Wallet Crypto Mining Cryptocurrency Investment Cryptocurrency news

The Central Bank of Brazil says that Crypto’s investments can duplicate at the end of the year.

Brazil’s Central Bank affirms that Crypto’s investments can reach $ 8 billion at the end of the year.
Source: Pixabay.

The exponential increase in the cryptocourcium market for the general public was both a catalyst and the result of the increase in retail and institutional investments around the world. An overview of it can be seen in a report published by the Central Bank of Brazil. I noticed that citizens of the countries have brought more than $ 427 billion in cryptophysics for the country this year.

The Bank’s trade balance report also noted that between January and 2021, Brazilians bought an average of $ 350 million per month. The purchase value was not uniform in the months. The VIÉE PIC purchases were recorded in May when encryption investments reached US $ 756 million.

However, the figures have since decreased by almost $ 500 million in August 2021. But they continue to be significantly high compared to the figures in February and March of this year, which totaled 386 million dollars and US $ 357 million. , respectively,

Crypto influences to grow for $ 8 billion.

The report also showed that this is true, because only $ 15 million in liquid products of cryptocidal, less than 0.5% of the total flows that were worth more than $ 4 billion. Serra anticipated that this number can reach more than $ 8 billion by the end of the year, since faith in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrence markets begins to tighten.

Brazil has always remained a greater investor in Cryptorrecores, with some 10 million citizens delivered in the asset class. While the country runs South America in terms of adoption, it is also important in terms of encryption owners. The country was also the first to have a banking institution based on States, which provides ETF encryption to its customers.

So it is rooted, the love of the country by Bitcoin, soon can follow the leaders of El Salvador in the proclamation of digital assets to be a legal competition. The Federal Member of Brazil Aureo Ribeiro recently revealed that the nation was preparing to vote for a cryptocidal regulatory account, whose step could officiate Bitcoin as a legal currency.

Bitcoin Bitcoin Wallet Cryptocurrency Investment Cryptocurrency news

Google will help digital asset platform Bakkt introduce cryptocurrencies to millions of consumers

cryptocurrencies to millions of consumers
Digital asset platform Bakkt announced a partnership with Google “to bring digital assets to millions of consumers”. With this partnership, Bakkt says consumers will benefit from “extended reach and access” to cryptocurrencies.

Google collaborates with Bakkt to expand consumer access to cryptocurrencies

Intercontinental Exchange’s digital asset platform Bakkt said on Friday that it has partnered with Google “to bring digital assets to millions of consumers.” When forming a partnership with Google, Bakkt said:

Consumers will benefit from greater reach and access to digital assets.

Launched in 2018 by Intercontinental Exchange Inc., the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Bakkt allows institutions and consumers to buy, sell, store and spend digital assets, including cryptocurrencies.

Bakkt explained that “users will be able to add their Bakkt Visa virtual debit card to Google Pay to buy everyday products and services online, in stores or anywhere Google Pay is accepted.” Cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, will be converted into fiat currency for these payments to take place, the company said.

Several other cryptocurrency platforms have added Google Pay, including Bitpay and Coinbase, the Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange. The former added Google Pay for US cardholders to spend on encryption in August, while the latter allowed Coinbase card users to pay for Apple Pay and Google Pay in June.

Bakkt and Google Cloud

Additionally, Bakkt said that he has chosen Google Cloud as his preferred cloud provider. The company will market its Google Cloud-based solutions to major retailers and merchants across the United States. Bakkt also plans to leverage Google Cloud tools to create new analytics along with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and analytics capabilities. Platform. .

Bakkt CEO Gavin Michael said: “This partnership demonstrates Bakkt’s strong position in the digital asset market to enable consumers to enjoy their digital assets in real-time, securely and reliably.

Kirsten Kliphouse, president of Google Cloud North America, said:

We are proud to help Bakkt accelerate and develop the availability of its innovative solutions powered by our technologies. 
Bitcoin Bitcoin Investment Crypto Mining Cryptocurrency Investment

U.S. Bank Launches Crypto Custody Services Amid Strong Demand From Institutional Clients

The US bank has launched its cryptocurrency custody services. “Investor interest in cryptocurrencies and the demand for fund services from our clients has increased significantly in recent years,” the bank said.

US Bank Now Live Custody Encryption Services

The US bank announced Tuesday that its cryptocurrency escrow services are now live and available to its Global Fund Services clients.

U.S. Bancorp, with nearly 70,000 employees and $ 559 billion in assets as of June 30, is the U.S. holding company. Bank, the fifth largest bank in the country. The Minneapolis-based company serves millions of customers locally, nationally and globally. As of June 30, the US bank Wealth Management and Investment Services had more than $ 8.6 trillion in assets under custody and management and $ 282 billion in assets under global management.

Ad details:

The services are aimed at privately funded institutional investment managers in the United States or the Cayman Islands who want an escrow solution for bitcoin, with additional support for future currencies.

“NYDIG, a leading Bitcoin financial services and technology company, is the first crypto sub-custodian announced on the bank’s provider network,” he adds. The New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) is the bitcoin investment arm of Stone Ridge Asset Management.

Gunjan Kedia, Vice President of Investment Services and Wealth Management, U.S. Bank said:

Investor interest in cryptocurrencies and the demand for fund services from our clients has increased significantly in recent years. Our institutional custodian and our fund clients have improved their cryptocurrency offering plans and, in response, we have made it a priority to accelerate our ability to offer escrow services.

The US bank first established its blockchain and cryptocurrency practice in 2015, when the price of bitcoin was below 200. The price of BTC currently hovers around $ 50,000.

The bank announced the launch of three cryptocurrency offerings in April to meet “growing customer needs.” The first was the guard duty, which is now active. The second was an investment in Securrency, a developer of institutional-level financial and regulatory technology based on blockchain. The third was that the US bank had been selected to manage NYDIG’s bitcoin ETF this year, pending regulatory approvals.

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German asset manager Union Investment targets BTC exposure for various funds

German funds and asset managers are expanding their horizons for crypto investments as the country has more favorable laws for special funds. $ 500 billion asset manager Union Investment plans to add Bitcoin (BTC) to various mutual funds as part of a pilot program targeting its institutional clients.

The Frankfurt-based institute told Bloomberg on Monday that it plans to add BTC to a small number of mutual funds that will only be available to retail investors.

For each fund, exposure to Bitcoin is limited to a maximum of 2% of total assets. Portfolio manager Daniel Bathe said the new investment strategy is expected to start in the fourth quarter, although no set timeline has been specified.

Union Investment is the investment arm of the DZ Bank Group, an institute with more than 800 cooperative banks. As of June 2021, Union Investment managed assets of US $ 507 billion, making it one of the largest asset managers in Germany.

Germany is fast becoming a hotbed for cryptocurrency investments, especially among institutional players. A new law came into effect on August 2 that allows institutional funds to hold cryptocurrencies and paves the way for greater acceptance of digital assets, including among German pension funds. Meanwhile, German stock broker S Broker recently announced a range of crypto-focused product offerings. Related: What the SEC Can Learn From the German Regulator At the retail level, Germans don’t do that well when it comes to introducing cryptocurrencies, according to a recent survey by financial comparison site Finder.

The survey of 42,000 people estimated that only 11% of Germans were exposed to digital assets. While it is superior to the US and UK, it lags far behind emerging markets and other European countries. Bitcoin comes back to attention when the first cryptocurrency rises to $ 52,000. The price has recovered to about 79% from its summer lows. The total market capitalization of Bitcoin is once again approaching $ 1 trillion.