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Bitcoin Supply on Cryptocurrency Exchanges May Only Last 9 Months

Cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform Bybit has released a new report highlighting the impacts of the upcoming Bitcoin halving event on Bitcoin supply dynamics across exchanges in the crypto space. The crypto firm provided valuable insights into how the halving event would improve scarcity and hugely influence the price of BTC.

Exchanges will face Bitcoin supply crisis

On Tuesday, April 16, Bybit published a new report providing a detailed analysis of the Bitcoin halving event taking place this month. The crypto firm revealed that Bitcoin reserves on the world’s crypto exchanges are rapidly depleting, leaving just nine months of BTC supply on exchanges.

For a clearer perspective, Bybit explains that with just two million Bitcoin remaining in its total supply, a daily inflow of $500 million into spot Bitcoin ETFs would result in approximately 7,142 BTC leaving exchanges daily. This suggests that it would only take nine months to completely consume all remaining BTC reserves on exchanges.

Bybit stated that one of the main contributors to this reduction in supply would be the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, which would reduce the cryptocurrency’s total supply by 50%, cutting Bitcoin miners’ rewards in half.

The cryptocurrency exchange also revealed that after the halving, the sell-side supply of BTC flowing to centralized exchanges (CEX) will be greatly reduced. Furthermore, the “Bitcoin supply constraint will apparently be worse.”

BTC will become “twice as rare as gold”

In its report, Bybit compared the supply of Bitcoin after the halving with that of gold. The crypto exchange revealed that Bitcoin was steadily rising to become one of the safest investment options for even the most experienced and sophisticated investors in the crypto space.

According to the exchange, Bitcoin’s halving would significantly impact the cryptocurrency’s scarcity factor, making it an even rarer asset than gold.

Basing this analysis on the stock-to-flow (S2F) ratio, Bybit revealed that Bitcoin’s S2F ratio is currently around 56, while gold’s ratio is 60. After the halving event in April, it projects that the Bitcoin’s S2F ratio will increase to 112.

“Each Bitcoin halving enhances the narrative of Bitcoin not just as a currency, but as a scarce digital asset, similar to digital gold. The next halving in 2024 will push BTC into an era of unprecedented scarcity, making it twice as rare as gold,” said Bybit co-founder and CEO Ben Zhou.

While highlighting the importance of Bitcoin’s rarity after the halving, another report also revealed that Bitcoin’s price would see significant upward pressure after the halving. This suggests that the reduction in BTC supply could push its price to new highs during this period.

Furthermore, the report revealed that several crypto analysts predict that the post-halving rise in Bitcoin’s price would be less notable than the initial pre-halving surge that saw Bitcoin’s price reach new highs of over $73,000.

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UK financial regulator announces launch of permanent Digital Sandbox in August

According to the FCA, the sandbox will be open to companies, startups and data providers, including those involved in banking, investing, lending and payments.

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced the launch of its Digital Sandbox, which aims to support technology companies in the early stages of product development.

In a July 20 announcement, the FCA said the Digital Sandbox will be permanently available starting August 1. The financial watchdog has run two pilot programs of the initiative, which will be open to companies, startups and data providers, including those involved in banking, investing, lending and payments.

A sandbox allows projects to operate in a test environment to test their products and services largely without unwanted side effects that affect the real world. According to the FCA, the Digital Sandbox aims to help innovative companies in their efforts to launch new products and services, in addition to supporting economic growth and international competitiveness.

The UK Department of Treasury and Finance proposed a “financial market infrastructure sandbox” in April 2022 alongside its plans for a regulatory framework for payment stablecoins. HM Treasury also opened an investigation into a digital securities sandbox that could include crypto products in July.

On July 3, the European Commission announced that 20 projects had been selected for an EU regulatory sandbox. Those who qualified for the initiative included companies in financial and capital markets, telecommunications and information technology, and global trade.

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Ark Invest sells over $50 million worth of Coinbase stock amid stock market rally

Cathie Wood’s investment firm, Ark Invest, has made significant moves in its Coinbase stock, selling over $50 million worth of shares as shares of the cryptocurrency exchange continue to rise.

This was the second time in a week that Ark Invest has reduced its stake in Coinbase, reflecting its hands-on management approach amid a backdrop of regulatory development and industry optimism.

At the same time, Ark Invest has been actively investing in other prominent companies including Meta Platforms and Robinhood.

Ark Invest profits from Coinbase Rally

Ark Invest, led by Cathie Wood, sold a total of 478,356 shares of Coinbase on Friday, worth more than $50 million. The sales were distributed across Ark’s flagship fund, the Ark Innovation ETF, which sold 263,247 shares, the Ark Next Generation Internet ETF, which sold 93,227 shares, and the Ark Fintech Innovation ETF, which sold 121,882 shares.

This decision comes on the heels of Coinbase’s role as a vigilant exchange partner for several Bitcoin ETF candidates, including industry giants BlackRock and Fidelity. Furthermore, recent legal rulings surrounding the status of the XRP cryptocurrency have added to the overall optimism of the industry.

While reducing its holdings in Coinbase, Ark Invest has also been actively investing in other adjacent crypto companies. The company started buying shares in Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) and Robinhood. In June, the Ark Innovation ETF bought 69,793 shares of Meta, while the Ark Fintech Innovation ETF bought 111,843 shares of Robinhood.

Additionally, the Ark Next Generation Internet ETF increased its holdings with 12,559 Meta shares and 169,116 Robinhood shares. These strategic investments reflect Ark Invest’s ongoing strategy to navigate the evolving digital asset market.

Ark Invest’s decision to cut its holdings in Coinbase following significant acquisitions during market volatility and regulatory challenges demonstrates a calculated approach to securing profits amid the stock’s impressive recovery this year and indicates a calculated effort to secure gains during the recovery. of the actions.

Additionally, it demonstrates the company’s commitment to diversifying its portfolio to achieve long-term growth potential, as evidenced by its investments in Meta Platforms and Robinhood.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, Ark Invest shares will be closely watched by market participants, seeking information and guidance to navigate this dynamic landscape.

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Nearly 100 Customers Sue Coinbase Over Its Wallet App

Coinbase is in trouble after nearly 100 customers filed lawsuits against the Western Hemisphere’s largest digital currency trading platform.

Customers Are Angry at Coinbase

These customers accuse Coinbase of turning a blind eye to a scam that ended up costing them over $21 million in digital currency funds. The problem stems from the Coinbase Wallet, which last fall, when downloaded, directed users to fraudulent or fake websites that allowed scammers and hackers to take control of their accounts and transfer their digital assets to Coinbase wallets.

To date, due to the terms and conditions applied by Coinbase, none of the lawsuits in question have resulted in defendants or plaintiffs going to court. Instead, everything is handled through an arbitration process. This ensures that details remain out of the media and that lawsuits take place privately between the company and those affected. Legal disputes are heard by a neutral decision maker who then decides which party deserves a decision in their favor.

In the arbitration process, customers allege that Coinbase was well aware of what was happening with its wallet application and that executives did nothing to address it or minimize the damage. They made several attempts to alert Coinbase bosses to what was going on, but little was done to acknowledge their concerns or the money they had lost. Now these people are taking stronger means to get their money back and get justice for themselves.

To say it was a difficult year for Coinbase would be an understatement. 2022 has been affected by digital currency based issues for everyone, although Coinbase has arguably been affected more than others. What was initially supposed to be a year of massive hiring and taking headcount to new levels turned into a time when not only were all hiring plans put on hold, but the exchange subsequently announced that it would lay off around 18% of its team. to deal with the cryptocurrency windfall the space was experiencing.

The company has had a tough year.

Furthermore, the company has seen its shares crash and burn in recent weeks due to how tied it is to bitcoin, the world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The asset has lost over 70% of its value in the past 12 months, and with bitcoin losing so much in such a short period, the digital exchange is seeing similar results.

When the company first went public in April 2021, shares were priced above $300, even though those same shares have since dropped into the $50 range. Coinbase is also the subject of a new SEC investigation.