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Institutions Are Moving Into Cryptocurrencies: Retail Investors Beware

As the queue for a bitcoin spot ETF grows longer, institutions are acutely aware that the time to finally get into bitcoin is drawing near. Are retail investors equally aware?

Will cryptocurrencies fall sharply?

A casual glance at cryptocurrency on Twitter or any other social media channel is enough to “confirm” that bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market are going to drop sharply and hit lows again or even go beyond them.

Rottweiler Gensler and his Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may have had some disappointments in their attacks on some of the biggest players in the crypto space, but the regulatory web is catching up and surely crypto can be stifled. enough to stop them in their tracks. …accompany and allow the legacy monetary system to continue its dominance without restriction.

Institutions are not stupid

However, Wall Street may be crooked, but money goes to money and institutions have finally realized that getting into Bitcoin is a no-brainer.

Of course, the likes of Blackrock and its other giants could find some way to try to manipulate bitcoin, just as gold and silver banks have done decade after decade.

Relatively small positions in the futures markets are leveraged to go short and force the price down, allowing banks to buy at lower prices and then rinse and repeat, year after year after year.

However, Bitcoin is a different animal, and manipulators should be careful, as their paper positions, with no ties to the underlying asset and cash-settled, are likely to be wiped out as Bitcoin is steadily bought.

The stars are aligning

Wall Street shenanigans or not, these institutions are still coming, and the SEC being forced to award the cash ETFs could come at the same time the US presidential race gets serious—and just right. when Bitcoin approaches its halving.

A monetary policy easing from the Fed and a bitcoin supply shock are potential factors in a bitcoin price explosion that will take the number one cryptocurrency to the top of its next cycle, perhaps in 2025.

Retail investors may be forced to pull out

No doubt retail is suffering badly as consumer prices remain unbearably high, house prices are falling, mortgages need to be refinanced (in the UK) at what could be 2-3 times current rates and jobs are declining as fast as AI. it is improving.

Bitcoin was created as an alternative asset to fiat currencies, which are controlled by central banks in our indebted monetary system. The mainstream media wants us to believe that all cryptocurrencies will eventually go to zero, and many of them could, but the reality is that “all” fiat currencies will go to zero and there is absolutely no question that this has to happen. mathematically.

On the other hand, Bitcoin is probably totally unstoppable right now. Holding $BTC and averaging is perhaps a good way to go. Time horizons should also be long, as widespread adoption may still take a few years.

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