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Switzerland-based cryptocurrency mining company expands operations to Texas

The company said its US operations will have an initial capacity of 3 megawatts, with the company’s total hashrate targeting more than 1.6 EH/s.

White Rock Management, a Swiss-based cryptocurrency mining company, said it will expand its operations to the United States, starting with Texas.

In an announcement from Mars, White Rock said that it will partner with Natural Gas Onsite Neutralization, the NGON, a company that captures natural gas that would otherwise burn and convert it into energy for use in Bitcoin (BTC) mining operations. the company. White Rock said it will operate from the NGO’s facilities in the Vale do Brazos region, mining BTC using “environmentally responsible” methods.

According to White Rock CEO Andy Long, the move to Texas was just the first in the company’s plans to expand its BTC mining operations into areas capable of providing power from natural gas outside the reach of the electrical grid. from the USA. The company started mining cryptocurrencies in data centers in Sweden in November 2021 and reported that its operations in the United States will have an initial capacity of 3 megawatts, aiming to have the company’s total hashrate greater than 1.6 EH./s.

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