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Nested NFT-Based Crypto Social Trading Platform Raises $7.5M

Nested, a financial NFT-based cryptocurrency social trading platform, announced today that it has raised $7.5 million in a Series A funding round. The round was led by macro and digital asset investor Alan Howard and also it had the participation of Republic Capital, Kenetic Capital and CMT Digital, among others.

The platform allows users to easily create token wallets, track their performance, add, sell and trade tokens, and sell the underlying value of these wallets at any time.

Also, since all nested portfolios are minted as NFTs, called ‘NestedNFT’, they can be easily discovered on the platform and used as a mechanism to gamify and strengthen communities, allowing creators to share or upload them as gifts. or reward. .

Remarkably, Nested allows users to explore profiles, portfolios, and replicate their favorite strategies. For DeFi users, influencers, or community leaders, the platform allows them to showcase portfolios, results, share insights, and earn royalties every time a portfolio is replicated.
By using NFTs, Nested aims to make it easier to manage a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Nested's vision is to hybridize traditional finance, decentralized finance, NFTs and cryptocurrencies to forge a financial product that is both powerful and unique: the Nested Wallet. This is a tradable, shareable and replicable portfolio that can be managed and monetized by both advanced and novice crypto investors.”

– Rudy Kadoch, founder of Nested Finance

Proceeds from the funding round will be used to build the nested team and introduce new product enhancements such as portfolio leaderboards, staking, underlying asset lending, decentralized limit orders, and more types of social features such as user profiles and integrated messages.

Nested has already launched on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche, and plans to continue adding support for more networks. After a successful multi-month beta testing period in which Nested underwent several independent security audits, the platform is now available for use.

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