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Zaragoza is the first Spanish city to publish NFT

Zaragoza is the first city in Spain to publish NFT, a new form of digital property that is gaining ground around the world.

DTVs are a new form of digital ownership that allows users to own an item of digital content just as they would a physical item. It’s also an investment – the value of NFT increases as more and more people use it and join the community.

The Zaragoza City Council has recently become the first official body in Spain to implement NFTs. During the Fiestas del Pilar, visitors to its venue were able to win the NFTs of Cabezudos de la Pilara, El Berrugón and La Forana, three cultural events taking place in Zaragoza.

NFTs are not only fun to collect, they also offer significant benefits to governments in terms of engaging with their citizens. These digital objects can be used ​​in public spaces to interact with citizens and promote interaction between government and its citizens. Citizens can use them to contribute positively to the community.

Buy virtual land

In addition, you can purchase virtual terrestrial NFTs in Zaragoza with Next Earth technology.

Next Earth is a virtual Earth replica that allows you to purchase NFTs that are assets from digitally simulated locations. You can buy virtual real estate, such as land in the city of Zaragoza, with BNB, the native Binance Smart Chain token.

Importantly, these virtual properties in Next Earth are not just for Zaragoza: anyone can buy land in the city of their choice.

And now, anyone who has followed this space will know what it means to have “bought” a house or land. But what about those who didn’t pay attention?

Get your feet wet with virtual real estate

Next Earth is the first blockchain-powered platform that allows you to purchase NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that are assets from digitally simulated locations.

The blockchain ensures that each property is unique and cannot be replicated. It also allows the exchange between users who want to buy or sell virtual real estate. In fact, this is how Next Earth’s revenue is generated. Additionally, 10% of every purchase goes to environmental causes such as The Ocean Cleanup, Kiss the Ground and Amazon Watch.

Virtual real estate is a great way to get started in the NFT space, as you can see what it’s like to own something before you buy a collector’s item or property, like a house. You’ll understand the pros and cons of owning a DTV before making any kind of purchase, whether it’s real estate, artwork, digital movies, or anything else.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of owning virtual land.

Benefits of virtual real estate

Virtual real estate allows you to become an owner without having to invest in physical property. Many people don’t have enough money to buy a property, but they do have money to buy virtual real estate. This gives them the ability to buy from the market with just their cryptocurrency.

Additionally, virtual real estate provides an easy way for people new to cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology to familiarize themselves with this exciting space. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about cryptocurrencies but didn’t know where or how to start, purchasing virtual land at Next Earth is a great place to start!

Finally, virtual real estate gives users a tangible representation of their favorite city that they can use and even trade like a traditional currency. You may not be able to visit Zaragoza in person anytime soon (unless you’re very lucky), but you can go online and “visit” it living virtually there in Next Earth.

Zaragoza is a Spanish city known for its public market, numerous museums and historical monuments. Want to get started in real estate? The Zaragoza conspiracies are suspended. Or maybe you prefer to buy land in France. All of this is now possible with the advent of NFTs, and you won’t have to move away from your computer screen to reach them.

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