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Saudi Princess Reem Al Faisal launches ‘first’ Saudi NFT collection

Reem Al Faisal, the photography-loving princess of Saudi Arabia, recently announced the launch of her first collection of Saudi Arabian non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Opensea and an art gallery in the metaverse.

photography career

Saudi princess Reem Al Faisal launched her first NFT collection, called “Mekkah and Medina”, on the Opensea marketplace, as well as an art gallery in the metaverse. The NFT collection features the Saudi shrine, Al Kabbah, while six Saudi artists are featured in the art gallery.

According to a post on her Instagram account, the Saudi princess says the launch of the NFT collection adds yet another chapter to her long career as a photographer that she started in her childhood. She is quoted by Unlock Media as explaining:

Today we made history with the first appearance of Saudi NFTs on Metaverse. I've been photographing my whole life, since I was a kid, so I don't consider it a career as much as a part of me. It's as natural to me as talking or breathing.

Reem Al Faisal added that photography is another way of expressing his faith and a way of showing “man’s relationship with his creator”.