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Robinhood Launches Cryptocurrency Trading in EU, Aims for Global Accessibility

Financial services company Robinhood has announced the launch of cryptocurrency trading in the European Union. “Just like we did with the stock market, our goal is to make cryptocurrencies more accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of where they live,” the company explained.

Robinhood Expands Cryptocurrency Trading Services

Financial services company Robinhood launched its cryptocurrency trading platform in the European Union on Thursday, offering investors the ability to buy and sell more than 25 cryptocurrencies. Ad details:

   Today we launched the Robinhood Crypto app for all eligible customers in the European Union (EU).

EU residents over the age of 18 with compatible iOS and Android devices can now access Robinhood Crypto, the company clarified. The announcement details further: “Support for additional tokens, crypto transfers, crypto staking, crypto learning rewards, and more is expected to launch in 2024.”

Johann Kerbrat, CEO of Robinhood Crypto, commented: “We believe that cryptocurrencies are the financial framework of tomorrow and that they play an important role in our mission to democratize finance for all… The EU has developed one of the most comprehensive policies in the world for cryptocurrencies. asset regulation, which is why we chose the region to anchor Robinhood Crypto’s international expansion plans.”

Robinhood explained that as a publicly traded American company, it is regularly reviewed by third-party auditors and Robinhood Crypto has taken a conservative approach to supporting digital assets.

The platform’s trading volumes in stocks, options and cryptocurrencies increased in October compared to the previous month, according to data published in November. Stock trading volume increased 15% to $50.8 billion, options contracts traded increased 11% to $96.6 million, and cryptocurrency trading volume soared 92% to $2 .3 billion.

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