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Bitcoin of America is working to solve the gender issue in the crypto industry

The cryptocurrency industry has a major gender issue when it comes to female participation. Bitcoin of America (BOA), a popular virtual exchange, seeks to solve this big problem. BOA has been very open about its female participation at conferences, exhibitions and even within its own company. Bitcoin of America has revealed that the majority of its top-tier positions are held by women. Its Director of Operations, Director of Operations, Director of Marketing, Director of Agent Locations and Director of Business Development are led by powerful women.

Bitcoin of America sent its women’s team to the world’s largest Bitcoin conference, Bitcoin 2021 Miami. The BOA women’s team hopes to encourage other women to join the industry. Alice Gorodetsky, Director of Business Development, shared her thoughts on the industry. Gorodetsky explained: “The male presence is huge in the tech sector and in the crypto space. I am excited to be a part of an inclusive company like Bitcoin of America that encourages women to succeed in a male-dominated industry.”

Bitcoin of America is currently hiring and looking to expand its women’s team. They seek to promote women in the cryptocurrency industry and help give them a voice. Jenna Polinsky, director of marketing, spoke about her experiences working in a predominantly male industry. Polinsky mentioned, “I am lucky to be part of a team that values ​​everyone’s opinion. I had a positive experience working for Bitcoin of America and hope to use my influence to help encourage other women to join the industry.

Bitcoin of America is registered as a Money Services Business with the United States Department of the Treasury (FinCEN). Bitcoin of America offers a number of different services, including Bitcoin ATMs, Bitcoin tablets, and an online exchange. BOA is known for providing fast and hassle-free transactions to its customers by offering top-notch customer service, making it one of the best in the industry.

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