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Plan ₿ Bitcoin Business Summer School opens in July

Plan₿ Summer School is an opportunity for those interested in bitcoin and business to learn the ins and outs of the ecosystem and develop real-world solutions.

The Plan₿ summer school begins July 3-16 and seeks to teach students the fundamentals of Bitcoin and business.

Classes taught by industry experts will be held in Lugano, Switzerland.

Students who attend will participate in a pitching competition with the winners taking home up to $5,000 for a winning pitch.

Plan₿ summer school, a cohort course that teaches students the challenges of business in relation to the regulatory and technological implications facing the Bitcoin ecosystem, is in session from July 3 to 16, according to an announcement.

The class will take place in Lugano, Switzerland. Students will learn about the Bitcoin protocol, the Lightning Network as a Layer 2 solution, stablecoins, the consensus mechanism used by cryptocurrencies, and the fundamentals of the space.

Experts will demonstrate the ins and outs of smart contracts and their operation on Bitcoin while discussing real-world applications and use cases. Students will also gain knowledge related to anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, on-chain analytics, and gain a deeper understanding of cybersecurity, among other subjects.

Course teachers will introduce students to real-world problems that need a solution. At the end of the two-week course, students will participate at a group level to present an idea for a problem presented by the teachers. A jury of space experts will preside over the results of the field competition and prizes will be awarded to the top three teams.

First place winners will receive $5,000, while second place will win $2,500 and third place will take home $1,500, with a total of $9,000 in prizes up for grabs.

The extensive list of speakers and speakers features many experts in the field. Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, David Suleima, Assistant Professor of Finance at Franklin University of Switzerland, Zulfi Moledina, Training Specialist at Chainalysis, and Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Tether and Bitfinex, have signed on to provide high-level discussions on their respective specializations .