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Bitcoin gives mixed signals: here are the key events to watch this week

Bitcoin (BTC) is back below $70,000 after momentarily surpassing that psychological price range on April 7. This price action suggests that the bears are still in control, which could remain the case throughout this week. As the tug-of-war continues, here are some key events to keep an eye on.

Is the pre-halving pullback over?

Crypto analyst Rekt Capital previously highlighted the phases of the Bitcoin halving, including the pre-halving pullback. He noted that the price of Bitcoin usually drops between 28 and 14 days before the Halving event. With around 12 days left until the halving event, the pre-halving pullback is believed to be over.

However, considering that the cycle has already proven to be unique, especially with BTC hitting a new all-time high (ATH) ahead of the Halving, investors will no doubt be wary of the leading cryptocurrency making one last price correction this fall week. . In one of his recent posts on X (formerly Twitter), Rekt Capital also admitted that it is still unclear whether the bottom has been reached or not.

Whale activity this week will also give an idea of the current sentiment in the market as the Halving event approaches. Significant purchases of the leading cryptocurrency suggest that Bitcoin investors believe the worst is over and are already positioning themselves for a potential parabolic rise in prices once the halving occurs.

If the whales indicate bullish sentiment, it also means that the market has likely moved into the next halving phase, which, according to Rekt Capital, is the “reaccumulation” phase. On the other hand, a wave of BTC selling this week will strengthen the bearish narrative currently affecting BTC and suggest that the pre-halving recovery bottom has not yet arrived.

Bitcoin Spot ETF and the Derivatives Market

The net flows recorded by Bitcoin Spot ETFs this week will also be instrumental in determining the current market sentiment. They have experienced mixed inflows over the past two weeks, something that gave a more pessimistic than optimistic outlook considering the amount of net inflows they were recording so far.

However, things could improve again this week, as BlackRock expanded the list of authorized participants for its iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) last week. These participants include notable names such as Goldman Sachs, Citadel and Citigroup. Therefore, a significant amount of new money could flow into the IBIT ETF this week.

Meanwhile, the crypto community will be keeping an eye on the derivatives market as, depending on market volatility, many positions could be eliminated this week. Crypto analyst Ali Martinez recently revealed that nearly $72 million could be liquidated if Bitcoin recovers to $70,875. If that happens, it could be the first step in helping the bulls regain control of the market.

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