US Treasury Approved Exchange Announces XRP Listing

The price of XRP could reach greater heights with the latest developments in the community. U.S.

XRP debuts on US Treasury-approved exchange

On Saturday, March 16, Atlantis Exchange announced that it would list XRP for trading. This listing is important for the altcoin because Atlantis Exchange is one of the few exchanges for cryptocurrency trading registered not only with the United States Treasury, but also with the United Nations.

This list places XRP among around 50 cryptocurrencies currently traded on the platform. Deposits for users opened on March 13th and trading on the platform officially began on Monday, March 17th. Trading is also expected to continue for three days before users can withdraw XRP tokens from the exchange, which will open in March. twenty.

Furthermore, the network for depositing XRP to the crypto exchange is the BSC network. This means that users who want to send tokens to Atlantis must ensure that they are actually using the BSC network to transfer the tokens. Otherwise, they may end up losing their coins. The cryptocurrency exchange has not yet integrated the XRP Ledger into the platform, which means transactions cannot be made to and from the exchange using the native blockchain.

Nothing but praise

In posts announcing the listing of the XRP token, Atlantis Exchange also took time to praise the cryptocurrency. The exchange highlights the fact that the token is used for international transactions, highlighting its ability to confirm transactions in 3 to 5 seconds.

The exchange also sees a bright future for the price of XRP. In its post announcing the listing of XRP for trading, Atlantis Exchange predicted that the altcoin’s price could rise another 100x. Now, the viability of this is questionable, but it shows that Atlantis believes the altcoin will perform well in the future.

As for the token’s price, it is experiencing a slow start to the week, with slight gains of 0.42% in the last day. However, its current trading value of $0.611 means the coin is down 2.54% in the last week. However, it remains the sixth-largest cryptocurrency in the space, with a market capitalization of $33.48 billion.

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