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OKX presents investor risk questionnaires according to FCA

To adapt to the new Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations in the UK, OKX Exchange has introduced a comprehensive user review system. Starting next week, UK-based OKX users will be subject to a detailed investor questionnaire. This metric is important to assess your understanding of the risks involved in buying and trading cryptocurrencies.

In addition, there is an additional level of evaluation. OKX implements another questionnaire aimed at checking the suitability of crypto investments for each individual. The exchange’s strict policy is that users who fail these checks or cannot demonstrate sufficient understanding of the risks will not retain their accounts.

OKX adaptation to FCA regulations

These measures are a direct response to the FCA’s upcoming regulations, which come into force on January 8th. The UK cryptocurrency market has undergone significant regulatory changes. As a result, other exchanges such as Binance have already made adjustments, including halting new user registrations in the UK from October 16th.

In addition, OKX proactively adapts its services. The exchange is reducing its offering of digital assets to around 40 tokens. Additionally, it integrates important risk warnings into its interface. This approach is part of a broader trend of regulatory caution prevalent in crypto exchanges worldwide.

Revised security measures

Recently, OKX overhauled its security protocols, improving the security of exchanges between users. The move includes the delisting of several privacy-focused tokens last week. Such changes reflect a growing trend in regulatory compliance and risk management in the cryptocurrency exchange industry.

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