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Phoenix closes $380 million deal with WhatsMiner to mine green Bitcoin

Phoenix Group is acquiring hydrocooling mining equipment from WhatsMiner worth more than US$136 million, with an option to purchase an additional US$246 million.

UAE company Phoenix Group has revealed a new purchase of hardware equipment from WhatsMiner, with the aim of expanding its portfolio of hydraulic cooling rigs. According to a Dec. 7 announcement, the $380 million deal represents WhatsMiner’s largest order in two years.

Under the agreement, Phoenix received mining equipment valued at US$136 million, with an additional option available worth US$246 million. WhatsMiner’s line of hydrocooling equipment launched in 2022, with current prices ranging from $1,008 to $2,484, according to the company’s website.

WhatsMiner’s hydrocooling hardware uses a closed-loop water system, preserving the volume and quality of water within the pipes. According to the company, the system offers more efficient heat transfer, as water is a more effective heat conductor than air or oil. The benefits of this system include reduced operating costs and minimized environmental impact, the company claims.

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