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Coinbase launches crypto transfers via links sent on WhatsApp and Telegram

Recipients must download a Coinbase wallet to receive the funds, but the exchange says it has simplified the process for less tech-savvy users.

A new Coinbase Wallet feature allows the transfer of cryptocurrency through a link that can be sent through some of the most popular social media sites and messaging apps, as the cryptocurrency exchange looks to make its service accessible to a broader market.

“Users can now send money on any platform where they can share a link,” Coinbase said in December.

There is no payment fee when sending USD Coin (USDC), a US security.

   Send money anywhere you can send a link.

   Easily. Free.

   – Coinbase Wallet ️ (@CoinbaseWallet) December 5, 2023

Clicking the link will take the recipient to their device’s app store to download Coinbase Wallet, if they haven’t already, where they can create a wallet with a single click, Coinbase noted.

If funds are not claimed within two weeks, they will be returned to the sender.

Coinbase has also created a “simple mode” for its wallet to help new and less tech-savvy users, which only displays basic functions such as buying, sending, receiving, and viewing assets.

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