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Analyst predicts 1,500% price increase for Dogecoin

Recently, the price of Dogecoin (DOGE), the largest meme coin by market cap, has been struggling along with the overall cryptocurrency market. However, the latest price action shows an encouraging and positive outlook for the cryptocurrency.

Renowned crypto analyst Ali Martinez recently shared a new view of Dogecoin, speculating on an upcoming price rally for the meme token.

The formation of the Dogecoin descending triangle

Ali Martínez – through a publication on the X platform (formerly Twitter) – presented a target price of $1 for Dogecoin. This price projection revolves around the formation of a multi-year descending triangle on the weekly price chart of DOGE.

The descending triangle is a prominent technical analysis pattern that indicates a bearish market trend. While it is usually a bearish signal suggesting a breakout of the downtrend, it can also be a significant reversal pattern.

In this specific scenario, Dogecoin price has been in a continuous downward trend since May 2021. Prior to this sustained bear run, the cryptocurrency had enjoyed a parabolic rise, with DOGE price reaching the 0 level, $7 (an all-time high). . in April 2021.

As already inferred, this positive streak was short-lived, with the meme coin falling to a low of $0.058 in October 2021. While Dogecoin’s price has momentarily reached the $0.1 mark several times since then, it is currently trading in a range, and at approximately the same price of $0.058.

According to the analyst, this new bull run could cause the value of the meme coin to skyrocket to $1, which implies a significant recovery of 1,580% with respect to the current price.

Be careful with this level, says analyst

Although the chances of a new bull run seem great for Dogecoin, the possibility of a crash still looms. Specifically, Ali Martínez praised $0.0482 as a price level to watch.

This price zone, which is located at the base of the descending triangle, represents an important support zone. The analyst said that any weakness in this area could cause the DOGE price to hit a new yearly low.

At the time of writing, Dogecoin was valued at $0.059329, reflecting a 1.7% price increase from the previous day. According to data from CoinGecko, the daily trading volume of the meme token is $163.3 million, representing a negligible increase of 0.2% from the previous day.

Dogecoin remains among the top 10 cryptocurrencies on the market, with a market value of over $8.3 billion.

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