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INSR token will be listed on the MEXC Global Exchange on August 7

PRESS RELEASE. MEXC is pleased to inform you that the revolutionary INSR Token cryptocurrency, intended to provide secure investments on decentralized pre-sale platforms, will be officially listed on the MEXC Global Exchange on August 7. This listing represents a major milestone for the INSR Token project and a new step in our mission to provide the crypto community with a secure and transparent investment experience.

MEXC Global Exchange is a leading cryptocurrency exchange serving a global audience known for its powerful and easy-to-use trading platform. Listing the INSR token in MEXC Global allows our community members to access the INSR token more easily and trade INSR tokens with high liquidity and efficiency.

Detail listing:

Trading pair: INSR/USDT

Listing date: August 7

At Insurabler, we believe this listing will further increase the visibility and adoption of the INSR token, allowing more users to take advantage of our decentralized insurance ecosystem. Increased availability will contribute to the liquidity and growth of the INSR token in the global market.

The Lord. Klaus, CEO of INSR, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with MEXC Global, a respected and dynamic cryptocurrency exchange, for the listing of the INSR token. This partnership will reach a wider audience and make the INSR token a major player in the crypto space. We continue with the goal of instilling trust and credibility in the crypto community,” he said.

About Insurable

INSR is a leading blockchain-based platform dedicated to providing secure and innovative solutions for cryptocurrency investors and projects. With our team of experienced experts and developers, we aim to promote trust, transparency, and excellence in the decentralized finance space.

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