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Russian government plans to view cryptocurrency mining as a business activity

The chairman of the financial markets committee of the Russian Duma, Anatoly Aksakov, announced that the government plans to consider the search for digital currency in the category of business activities. On the sidelines of the Moscow Financial Forum, Aksakov highlighted upcoming changes in the regulation of virtual currencies, including issues related to mining and emissions caused by trading digital currencies.

Furthermore, by registering all cryptocurrency processes as business activity, you will also be subject to state tax policy. “Since this is a type of business activity, it is of course necessary to enter it into the registry, assign a code corresponding to it as a type of business activity and introduce taxes,” Aksakov told the Russian newspaper TASS.

Russia wants to enlighten through regulatory policy The chairman of the financial market committee of the Duma emphasized the importance of educating citizens about the terminology of the digital currency market. He said that these regulations would draw a clear line between the central bank’s digital currency and the decentralized system’s virtual currencies. Aksakov argues that digital currency is not just a payment method, but a financial company that is used as an investment vehicle. He supports the importance of designing a structure for digital currency differences and their respective values.

“There is a central bank digital currency and there is a digital currency that is actually likely to be understood as a cryptocurrency, and the boundaries of these concepts need to be clearly defined so that there is no confusion … discuss the fact that the currency Digital is actually now, although we call it money, it is used more as a financial instrument, a financial asset that is an investment object, rather than a means of payment, ”added Aksakov.

Cryptocurrency penetration in Russia Crypto regulations are not Russia’s first step in cracking down on the democratic nature of digital currencies. Last month, Russia’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, Rosfinmonitoring in Moscow, ordered the latest tracking system to track cryptocurrencies. This system aimed to analyze the behavior and movements of merchants in order to de-anonymize their identity.

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