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INSR token will be listed on the MEXC Global Exchange on August 7

PRESS RELEASE. MEXC is pleased to inform you that the revolutionary INSR Token cryptocurrency, intended to provide secure investments on decentralized pre-sale platforms, will be officially listed on the MEXC Global Exchange on August 7. This listing represents a major milestone for the INSR Token project and a new step in our mission to provide the crypto community with a secure and transparent investment experience.

MEXC Global Exchange is a leading cryptocurrency exchange serving a global audience known for its powerful and easy-to-use trading platform. Listing the INSR token in MEXC Global allows our community members to access the INSR token more easily and trade INSR tokens with high liquidity and efficiency.

Detail listing:

Trading pair: INSR/USDT

Listing date: August 7

At Insurabler, we believe this listing will further increase the visibility and adoption of the INSR token, allowing more users to take advantage of our decentralized insurance ecosystem. Increased availability will contribute to the liquidity and growth of the INSR token in the global market.

The Lord. Klaus, CEO of INSR, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with MEXC Global, a respected and dynamic cryptocurrency exchange, for the listing of the INSR token. This partnership will reach a wider audience and make the INSR token a major player in the crypto space. We continue with the goal of instilling trust and credibility in the crypto community,” he said.

About Insurable

INSR is a leading blockchain-based platform dedicated to providing secure and innovative solutions for cryptocurrency investors and projects. With our team of experienced experts and developers, we aim to promote trust, transparency, and excellence in the decentralized finance space.

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Tether Launches Mexican Peso Tokens on Ethereum, Tron, and Polygon

Stablecoin issuer Tether Operations Limited announced that the company has launched a new token pegged to the value of the Mexican peso. According to the team, the newly launched MXNT tokens will initially be hosted on Ethereum, Polygon, and Tron.

Stablecoin MXNT is pegged 1:1 to the Mexican peso

Stablecoin and blockchain firm Tether has revealed that it has launched a new fiat-backed token that will join the company’s pool of stablecoins. Tether launched MXNT, a stablecoin pegged to the value of the Mexican peso.

Tether’s other fiat token offerings include the popular USDT, which is pegged to the US dollar, and EURT, which is pegged to the value of the euro. The company also offers CNHT, a token pegged to the offshore Chinese yuan, and Tether gold XAUT, a token pegged to the value of an ounce of fine gold.

Tether USDT is the largest stablecoin in existence today as it currently has a market valuation of around $73.2 billion. The token’s market cap represents 5.77% of the $1.27 trillion crypto economy.

Of the $86.43 billion in digital currency trading volume on Thursday, the connection volume is around $45.42 billion, or 52.55% of today’s global trading volume. In terms of bitcoin (BTC) trading pairs, USDT is the top pair with bitcoin, capturing 55% of today’s BTC trading volumes. Tether says that the launch of MXNT will be a “testing ground for the integration of new users in the Latin American market.”

Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether, detailed during the announcement that the company has seen the popularity of digital currencies increase in Latin America. “We have seen an increase in the use of cryptocurrencies in Latin America in the last year, which has made it clear that we need to expand our offerings,” Ardoino said in a note sent to News.

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Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX partners with Tokeny to launch native BMEX token

Major cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX today announced its partnership with Tokeny, a tokenization platform service provider to help launch its native token BMEX. Tokeny contributed its technical expertise and advice during the 2021 token development phase and is working together with the BitMEX team to ensure a smooth launch of the token launch phase, which will take place in early 2022.


Designed as an ERC-20 token, BMEX has a maximum supply of 450 million, much of which will be used to reward new and existing BitMEX users.

The token will encourage participation in the growing BitMEX ecosystem, offering trade discounts to token holders, improved performance on EARN products, early access to new products, and much more.

For a limited time, users will have the opportunity to win as many BMEX as possible by entering contests and sweepstakes. Just yesterday, the exchange unlocked its latest welcome offer: the first 10,000 new users who complete KYC and sign up for EARN will receive up to 40 BMEX tokens.

“Our users always come first and we launched BMEX to reward them for their loyalty. We chose to partner with Tokeny, one of the world leaders in the tokenization technology space, to guide us in developing and issuing BMEX in the safest way possible. Tokeny has a strong history of working with major crypto players to streamline the token issuance process, and we are happy to have them on board to support the launch of BMEX. "

- Alexander Höptner, CEO of BitMEX

Since 2017, Tokeny has helped establish more than $ 28 billion in tokenized assets through its solutions. Tokeny is backed by Euronext, a leading market infrastructure in Europe.

"In a short period of time, we have successfully tested and implemented smart contracts thanks to the clear definition of token economy, the efficiency of the BitMEX team, and our in-house expertise."

- Tokeny CEO Luc Falempin

The BMEX token cannot be withdrawn or traded until the BitMEX spot exchange opens in Q2 2022. To receive BMEX tokens, see the airdrop terms and conditions and learn more by visiting the BitMEX token page.