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Kraken donates $ 150,000 in Bitcoin to the Black Bitcoin Billionaire Group

The bitcoin exchange gave the group a concession earlier this summer, totaling 4.5 BTC at the time.

Kraken announced a $ 150,000 Bitcoin Black Bitcoin Billionaire pool focused on diversity.

The dealership was ordered earlier this summer for a total value of 4.5 BTC.

Black Bitcoin Billionaire will invest funds in capacity building projects and services in the black tech community.

Bitcoin Exchange Kraken has announced a $ 150,000 donation to Black Bitcoin Billionaire, an organization focused on promoting inclusion and diversity in the Bitcoin space. The grant was ordered earlier this summer, according to Bitcoin magazine, for a total value of 4.5 BTC.

“Our main goal is to educate and support the Black Bitcoin community,” Lamar Wilson, co-founder of Black Bitcoin Billionaire, said in the announcement. “By working with companies like Kraken, we will be able to invest in technology that turns ideas into tangible products or services. We couldn’t be more excited. “

The group will use the funds received at its discretion, Kraken said, to fund projects by Bitcoin entrepreneurs from minority communities. The donation will support Wilson and Isaiah Jackson, also a co-founder of Black Bitcoin Billionaire, to launch a series of three Tech Demo Days, a competition to provide financing to black tech companies.

“In 2020, about 13% of black families in the United States did not have a bank account. This is a huge loophole in our legacy financial system, for which there is no public alternative of last resort, “Kraken CEO Jesse Powell said, according to the announcement.

“Not having a bank is expensive and disproportionately affects our poor and minority communities. Bitcoin offers relief to the 1.7 billion unbanked adults around the world – a new financial system created by the people, for the people. The only obstacle now is education, ”Powell added.