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Canadian Crypto Exchange CatalX Temporarily Suspends Trading and Withdrawals

Catalyx, a Canadian cryptocurrency trading platform, announced a security breach on Thursday. It involves the loss of crypto assets in the exchange’s custody.

Crypto Exchange Security Breach

CatalX CTS Ltd., operator of the cryptocurrency exchange, said in a press release that the security incident is suspected to involve an employee.

The events disrupted normal trading and withdrawal activities on the Canadian platform.

It said: “Due to the loss, all cryptocurrency and fiat currency withdrawals from the Platform and all trading activities on the Platform have been temporarily suspended.”

Termination order details

Based on the December 21, 2023 injunction order, the Alberta Securities Commission announced the confidentiality of the admitted evidence.

The order was granted pursuant to sections 33 and 198 of the Securities Act (Alberta) and requires a 15-day pause in the trading and purchasing of any securities or derivatives by the defendants. The order will expire on January 5, 2024, if not extended by the Commission.

Although the crypto exchange has ceased all trading and withdrawals, it is being audited by Deloitte.

Crypto Losses in 2023

However, this is not the first incident where a crypto company has lost funds due to an internal breach.

In early July 2023, reports revealed that crypto payments provider CoinsPaid suffered a loss of $37 million. The breach reportedly resulted from hackers gaining access to an employee’s computer through a misleading job offer. The employee was later tricked into installing a program that led to the theft of critical data.

In a separate incident, LastPass, a company specializing in password data encryption, faced a security breach in its cloud storage service due to employee credentials being compromised.

According to a recent De.Fi report, the decentralized finance sector faced losses totaling around $1.95 billion in 2023. Meanwhile, Ethereum emerged as the most attacked blockchain, suffering around $1.35 billion in losses in 170 violations.

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Robinhood Launches Cryptocurrency Trading in EU, Aims for Global Accessibility

Financial services company Robinhood has announced the launch of cryptocurrency trading in the European Union. “Just like we did with the stock market, our goal is to make cryptocurrencies more accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of where they live,” the company explained.

Robinhood Expands Cryptocurrency Trading Services

Financial services company Robinhood launched its cryptocurrency trading platform in the European Union on Thursday, offering investors the ability to buy and sell more than 25 cryptocurrencies. Ad details:

   Today we launched the Robinhood Crypto app for all eligible customers in the European Union (EU).

EU residents over the age of 18 with compatible iOS and Android devices can now access Robinhood Crypto, the company clarified. The announcement details further: “Support for additional tokens, crypto transfers, crypto staking, crypto learning rewards, and more is expected to launch in 2024.”

Johann Kerbrat, CEO of Robinhood Crypto, commented: “We believe that cryptocurrencies are the financial framework of tomorrow and that they play an important role in our mission to democratize finance for all… The EU has developed one of the most comprehensive policies in the world for cryptocurrencies. asset regulation, which is why we chose the region to anchor Robinhood Crypto’s international expansion plans.”

Robinhood explained that as a publicly traded American company, it is regularly reviewed by third-party auditors and Robinhood Crypto has taken a conservative approach to supporting digital assets.

The platform’s trading volumes in stocks, options and cryptocurrencies increased in October compared to the previous month, according to data published in November. Stock trading volume increased 15% to $50.8 billion, options contracts traded increased 11% to $96.6 million, and cryptocurrency trading volume soared 92% to $2 .3 billion.

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Union Bank of Philippines to Offer Cryptocurrency Trading and Custody Services

One of the largest banks in the Philippines, Unionbank, is launching cryptocurrency trading and custody services. “It’s a way of preparing our banking business for the future,” said a Unionbank executive.

Philippine Unionbank to Offer Cryptocurrency Trading and Custody Services

Union Bank of the Philippines (UBP), also known as Unionbank, plans to offer cryptocurrency trading and custody services, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

Unionbank is one of the largest universal banks in the Philippines, with more than US$15 billion in assets under management (AUM). The bank is one of the first financial institutions in the Philippines to adopt cryptocurrencies.

Cathy Casas, head of the bank’s blockchain and application programming interface group, explained that the average Filipino investor currently holds about 1% to 2% of their personal assets in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. She added that if the markets are “stable”, investors would have between 3% and 5% in 5 years.

The Unionbank executive estimates that around 5% of the local population has become interested in cryptocurrencies. He added that many cryptocurrency investors are young, some of whom earn virtual gaming tokens from playing to win.

On Thursday, Metaco, a security software and infrastructure provider for the digital asset ecosystem, announced that Unionbank is rolling out its digital asset management services. Metaco added that Unionbank is implementing services on the IBM Cloud.

The bank first announced that it was testing a crypto custody service in August last year, noting at the time that crypto assets are here to stay. Casas noted that the bank’s digital asset custody service will include tokenized securities.

The central bank of the Philippines, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), has warned against investing in cryptocurrencies. The central bank warned that cryptocurrencies could “pose a danger to the financial system,” citing their vulnerability to illicit activities such as money laundering and terrorist financing.

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Coinbase Launches Five Ethereum-Based Altcoins In Cryptocurrency Trading Ecosystem

Coinbase, the US-based digital asset exchange, is expanding support for five Ethereum-based altcoins in its trading ecosystem.

In a new blog post, Coinbase announces that Alchemix (ALCX), the government token of the lending platform backed by Alchemix Finance, can now be purchased on and the exchange’s mobile apps.

The ALCX is trading at $ 441.61 at the time of writing, down 3.18% for the day.

ENS is a government token for the Ethereum name service, which allows people to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be linked to Ethereum addresses and web domains.

ENS is currently trading at $ 48.82. That’s down 8.71% for the day and more than 50% from the all-time high of $ 88.64 which reached last week after appearing on Binance.

Additionally, Coinbase is expanding support for GALA, the native token of Gala Games, the player-controlled blockchain gaming platform. Altcoin rose more than 100%, from a low of $ 0.089 on November 15 to its current price of $ 0.20.

GYEN is an Ethereum-powered stablecoin indexed to the Japanese Yen. Although GYEN is expected to remain pegged to the Japanese Yen, it managed to climb 470% to $ 0.05 after being listed on Coinbase.

Finally, the native POWR token from point-to-point energy trading company Power Ledger is now available on all Coinbase trading platforms. At the time of this writing, altcoin was down 2.07% to $ 0.70.

Coinbase Pro listed all tokens except GYEN with stablecoin mStable USD (MUSD) earlier this week.