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Relai customers can now buy BTC through

Relai, a Swiss bitcoin app, teams up with to enable all its customers to buy mainstream digital currency tokens such as bitcoin and Ethereum.

Relai and… A perfect couple?

The move is slated to improve cryptocurrency adoption and give the space a stronger level of legitimacy. is a global payment provider that works with businesses around the world to ensure their customers can purchase goods and services using multiple payment options, no matter where they are located.

Furthermore, Relai is now the only bitcoin-focused company to offer instant transactions through the personal wallets of any customer using its services. Julian Liniger, CEO and co-founder of Relai, explained in a recent statement:

At a time when it's increasingly important for people to be in control of their money, we're excited to announce our partnership with This is an exciting time for the entire Relai team, and it means we've finally achieved our ambition to create the world's easiest bitcoin app. People can now buy bitcoins instantly and 24/7 with direct delivery to their self-controlled wallet. This is a world first."

Esteban Sadurni, Director of Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets at, also mentioned:

 We are technical at heart and have supported the cryptocurrency industry for several years. That's why we're excited to partner with Relai to support their mission to make Bitcoin easier, simpler, safer and more accessible for everyone who uses our payment technology.

Membership is not as focused on allowing customers to purchase items and services with digital currencies. Instead, Relai is taking on a form more akin to a cryptocurrency exchange, as it will allow customers to purchase assets like bitcoin with a variety of payment methods, including Mastercard and Visa cards, along with Apple Pay through

All transactions will take place in real-time, so customers won’t have to wait days or even minutes to see their assets placed in their connected wallets, and transfers will take place in a matter of seconds. Another decisive factor is that trading is available to users 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and there are no interruptions in service hours.

Cryptocurrencies can guarantee financial independence

Relai has long sought to give its customers full and complete control over their money, which is why it’s turning to cryptocurrency for the long haul. Through the world of traditional finance and standard banking, we are often subject to prying eyes, third parties and intermediaries who have a say in what can and cannot be done with the money.

Ultimately, this removes autonomy and customers are often subject to the decisions of outside observers before they can transact or engage in monetary activity. Through cryptocurrencies, transactions can at least remain semi-private, with all assets owned directly and wholly by the investors who own them.

Bitcoin Bitcoin ETF Bitcoin Investment Bitcoin Wallet Crypto Mining cryptocurrency exchange Cryptocurrency Investment Cryptocurrency news Investment News

AIBC European Summit kicks off with full featured agenda

In November, the AIBC European Summit returns to awaken Malta from its autumn stupor. By prioritizing quality over quantity, extra care has been taken to ensure delegates get the most for their investment; from top-notch networking opportunities to KOL-led keynotes and panels for maximized visibility for all startups. Read the highlights not to

I want to miss AIBC Summit Malta Week 2022.


A lot of effort went into putting together the event agenda. It was calibrated to be as strategic and fluid as possible.

Day 1 will begin with the VNTR Capital Breakfast, where delegates will have the opportunity to network and

discuss the latest technology trends with active Venture Capital investors, business angels and HNWIs. The day’s conference is scheduled to start early and is packed with important information on recent 2022/2023 bull and bear market trends. The best VCs will take over from 10:40 am to cover the best market and investment strategies. The AIBC Startup Pitch will follow immediately, ensuring maximum VC visibility for emerging entrepreneurs.

The lectures will take place in two stages over the two days and have been structured to cover a wide range of

topics at any time. From Crypto and Blockchain technologies to GameFi and Web3 education, delegates will benefit from keynotes and panels featuring the brightest minds in the industry.

The launch of AIBC Europe

More than keynotes and panels, the AIBC Summit is about envisioning and building an exciting future for innovative technology. The SiGMA Group is all about honoring the vision, courage and determination required to elevate any company from a localized idea to a global phenomenon. It does this by providing startups with a stage to showcase their exciting ideas, ensuring maximum visibility from high-priority investors.

We put out the call and over 100 startups responded, now ready to take advantage of a highly coveted spot at the AIBC Summit! The best start-ups will also compete on stage in front of a panel of judges, hand-picked to ensure the highest quality and diversity of backgrounds and experiences.

The judging panel comprises Scott Stornetta, Marianna Tavella, Efrem Borg, Johan Zammit, David Orban and Saeed Aldarmaki, bringing together decades of experience in Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, BizDev and regulation. Our key launch competitors include Arena Games, Farcana, Encore Fans and Nanit Robot, covering SocialFi, GameFi, EdTech, Robotics, Crypto, Blockchain and Web3 infrastructure innovation.

Launch of AIBC Startup | AIBC United Arab Emirates 2022

Join us: 14th to 18th November for Malta Week

One of the first European countries to regulate the gaming industry, Malta is a global business hub. The island is an obvious choice for AIBC’s presence in Europe and a solid base for the future of the sector. With a wealth of perspectives for investors and entrepreneurs looking to shape the future of this multibillion-dollar business, Malta Week will bring together industry giants across gaming affiliates, operators and providers.

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Goldman Sachs Launches Data Service to Help Investors Analyze Cryptocurrency Markets

Global investment bank Goldman Sachs has launched a new data service in collaboration with MSCI and Coin Metrics to help investors analyze cryptocurrency markets. The new system is “designed to provide a consistent and standardized way to help market participants visualize and analyze the digital asset ecosystem,” Goldman said.

The New Goldman Sachs Cryptocurrency Ranking System

Global investment bank Goldman Sachs on Friday announced “the launch of Datonomy, a new ranking system for the digital asset market,” in collaboration with global index provider MSCI and crypto data firm Coin Metrics. Ad details:

The new digital asset rating framework is designed to provide investors, service providers, developers, and researchers with a way to help monitor market trends, analyze portfolio risk and returns, and help create new products.

“Delivered as a new data service, Datonomy classifies coins and tokens based on how they are used,” the investment bank explained, adding that the new system can be accessed as a data subscription feed directly from Goldman Sachs. , MSCI and Coin Metrics.

For example, Datonomy divides digital currencies into transfer of value currencies and specialized currencies. The latter is subdivided into Meme Coins, Privacy Coins and Remittance Coins.

Decentralized finance (defi) and Metaverse are among the digital asset apps listed on Datonomy. Defi applications are divided into decentralized exchanges, derivatives trading, decentralized lending, stablecoin issuers, forecast markets, asset management, crowdfunding, and insurance. Metaverse applications are divided into virtual worlds, games, and non-fungible ecosystems (NFTs).

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Are cryptocurrency trading bots a scam?

Scam is such a strong word in today’s world. Why is this the case? It is because scams are rampant in every corner of the world and in every industry where finance is involved. Unfortunately, bad actors are actively working to trick people into stealing their funds, as the cryptocurrency community has witnessed in recent months.

Millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies have been stolen by digital hackers, mainly due to weaknesses in specific dApps or various bridging protocols. Scammers have scoured Twitter and other social apps like Telegram and Discord to steal people’s crypto, claiming it’s the latest and greatest project, only to end up stealing their ETH.

Are cryptocurrency trading bots similar or the same as a hack or a scam? It’s time to take a moment and dig a little deeper into this topic.

How to identify a scam

There is a fine line between a hoax and a legitimate project. How is this line? Scams are often portrayed as too good to be true, or too good to pass up.

If a project promises the moon, it’s time to step back and do more research. Offers of free tokens or large airdrops should be accepted with caution. Legitimate gifts do exist, but with reputable companies that have a proven track record.

Scams usually don’t show the faces or names of the people working on the “project”. If someone isn’t searchable on LinkedIn or Twitter, that’s a big red flag. Be careful when dealing with these so-called “companies” who do not reveal their true identities. If they were legitimate, they would have nothing to hide.

Scams can be easy to detect if the email received or the message read appears to be “spam” in nature. If there are misspellings, grammatical problems, or repetitive language, it is likely a scam and should be ignored.

Can a cryptocurrency trading bot be a scam?

A cryptocurrency trading bot “company” can be a scam, yes. Bots themselves do not have the ability to withdraw funds from a user’s account. Are there bad actors in the cryptocurrency trading bot space? As mentioned above, yes, which is why it is important to do due diligence when selecting a particular company to set up a trading robot.

Most bots on the market today are indeed legitimate, and most of them connect via API to a popular exchange.

How to identify a legitimate cryptocurrency trading robot

Potential crypto bot users are looking for a trusting relationship between them and the company they are going to sign up with. Various ways to detect the legitimacy of a bot can include the following:

exchange associations

customer feedback

verifiable history

performance history

Faces linked to social proof

The above resources will help determine the legitimacy of a cryptocurrency trading bot company. For example, looking at Stoic AI, potential investors can clearly see the features on the main site.

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MinePlex Digital and Crypto Bank Secures $100M in GEM Funding

The funds will be used in new banking technologies, including a collaboration with Mastercard and Visa for cryptocurrency transactions.

In another round of investments in the cryptocurrency space, Singapore-based crypto bank MinePlex has secured $100 million from digital asset investment firm GEM Digital Limited (GEM) with the aim of bridging the gap between the digital assets and traditional banks.

According to an announcement on Oct. 11, MinePlex will use the funds to develop new banking technologies, including a collaboration with Mastercard and Visa for transactions that accept Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and TRON (TRX). .

Uniting digital assets and traditional banking services is the great bet of MinePlex.

The platform offers fiat and crypto asset services within the same app, enabling transactions such as bill payments and crypto asset purchases.

Introducing CrossFi, MinePlex co-founder and CEO Aleksandr Mamasidikov explained to Cointelegraph:

“We created CrossFi, a new technology running on the LPoS (Liquid Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm and the innovative MinePlex blockchain, offering advantages such as simplicity, operational speed and low fees.”

According to MinePlex, its native MinePlex token (PLEX) will also be listed on the new exchanges as part of the fundraising efforts.

The company also plans to open new offices in South Africa, Australia, India and Brazil, in addition to those already established in Barcelona, ​​Dubai, Uruguay and Singapore. The company claims to have processed more than five million cards in 50 banks in Russia, Europe and Asia.

GEM is a $3.4 billion alternative investment group that has been a source of capital for other startups in the cryptocurrency space.

In September, ParallelChain Lab secured $50 million in funding from GEM following the launch of its parent XPLL token, while Sports Metaverse startup LootMogul secured a $200 million investment commitment from Gem Global Yield.