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Where is the safest place to invest in bitcoin?

Best Places To Buy Bitcoin

  • Kraken: Most Established Bitcoin Exchange.
  • Coinbase: Safest Way To Buy Bitcoin.
  • Gemini: Best Bitcoin Exchange For All 50 States.
  • Nexo: Best for daily payments.
  • Binance: one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges available.
  • OKX: Exchange Trading Experience.

Safest Place to Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin Suisse Club

How to invest?

Investing in our website is simple. First of all you need to fill deposit form (available here) providing your Bitcoin wallet address where you wish to receive investment profit, your email address and amount of your deposit. Remember to carefully provide deposit amount because in the next step (payment form) you will got special deposit address where bitcoins need to be send WITH EXACT AMOUNT shown on payment form. Thats all! After sending bitcoins you will se information that transaction is completed and you can go back or close page.

How to get profit?

Profit payouts are automatically paid after 5 hours, you do not need to do anything. There may be some delay when profit arrives at your wallet because of network confirmations (that could take up to 20 minutes).

Why your new investment is not visible?

After making investment and payment your deposit transaction will be visible after 6 confirmations from bitcoin network. Remember that transactions sent with low provision will receive confirmations slowly, so we recommend to always give proper provision according yo your Bitcon Wallet (eg. Electrum, Armory or any ither such as online wallets, stock exchanges wallets etc.).

What means Bitcoin Doubler profit (5000% profit) in 5 hours?

It means that you will receive profit that is two times greather that your deposit. For example, when you make deposit of 0.01 BTC you will receive 0.5 BTC after 5 hours. You will also receive some more satoshi according to payment form. Other words – you will receive 50x investment in time of 5 hours.

How much can you invest?

There is limit of maximum 5 Bitcoin per transaction, minimum investment limit is 0.005. Please remember that transactions less than 0.005 BTC may not be credited . There is no transactions limits per user – you can make as many transactions as you want (every with maximum 5 BTC limit) – that gives you opportunity to invest more than 5 Bitcon in short period of time.

What is “status” shown on your investitions list?

Every user that make much transactions or use some promotions made by us can increase hes status what gives faster profit payouts, more percent profit and access to other investment options.


all of your investments are stored on your browser so be sure that you have cookies enabled (cookies are required to using our website).

Investment method

We accept only Bitcoin (BTC) and pay profit in this Cryptocurrency, any other crypto or FIAT currency are not used.

Bitcoin Bitcoin Investment Cryptocurrency Investment Cryptocurrency news

Best bitcoin investment 2024 in canada for beginners

The best crypto exchanges for Canadian users in 2024:

  • Kraken – The best crypto exchange for Canadian users overall.
  • Coinbase – The most user-friendly crypto exchange.
  • – A powerful crypto trading app with a focus on DeFi.
  • Gemini – A trusted crypto exchange for users from Canada.

Best bitcoin investment 2024 in canada for beginners

1,Casa Bitcoin

min $100 perfect money or 0.002 bitcoin, ROI : 7450% in 2 days

CASA Bitcoin can give you best long term investment services. If you want to invest safe and with no risK, Casa Bitcoin will be your first choise. Join us and enjoy your long term investment.

2,45x Crypto

min 100 USDT or 0.002 bitcoins , ROI : 4500% of your Crypto deposit.

45x Crypto is a growing company that believes in commitment. In one sentence what we do is, we do trading, we do business to serve investors. People search online to invest their assets in a trusted and reliable company. We provide the fastest bitcoin multiply.

3, 77x Bitcoins

min 0.005 bitcoins , ROI 77x of your bitcoins.

You can save it in your Bitcoin wallet for safe keeping or a rainy day. Bitcoin is great for saving because there are no banks involved. You are you own bank, banker and customer. However, there is a third option, you can invest it.

Bitcoin Investment Cryptocurrency Investment

More Bitcoin Income –

More Bitcoin Income is here to provide all investors oversea with a professional investment platform and help you to achieve your dream of making money online without too many skills. By joining us, you’re participating in a reliable and best service program ever. We aim to offer reasonable interest rates and if you need a long-standing program, looking for promising and profitable investment opportunities, you will find the ideal partner. As our faith, secure platform, fast payments, fast and friendly service, reasonable plans are the key of a successful program. the money invested with us is what will be taking to the international market, OPEC to trade which later yield many profit to pay our investors profit.

Our investment plans:

3600% After 4 Hours. Plan Spent Amount (BTC) Profit (%) Bronze Plan 0.004 BTC – 0.019 BTC 3200.00 Silver Plan 0.02 BTC – 0.099 BTC 3300.00 Gold Plan 0.1 BTC – 0.299 BTC 3400.00 Diamond Plan 0.3 BTC – 1 BTC 3600.00 INVEST NOW


Offer till Dec 31th.2024.
(Invest 0.025 BTC and Return 0.875 BTC after 2 hours)
3500% profit after 2 hours

All profit will be send directly to your Bitcoin address after the completion of the investment plan you choose(Automatic withdraw System).

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Ripple and Dogecoin investors rush to draw coin pre-sale

As Ripple and Dogecoin investors look for new opportunities, Raffle Coin (RAFF) emerges in its pre-sale phase, attracting huge interest with its $0.020 Stage 1 tokens.

Ripple’s Effect on Regulatory Reform

As Rep. French Hill said, the recent “ruling” against the SEC “in a court of public opinion” shows the need for SEC regulatory reform. This development will expose the commission’s regulatory overreach and the impact it would have on the cryptocurrency industry.

During a hearing on Capitol Hill, Rep. Hill delved into the SEC’s loss in a case involving Ripple Labs, with a federal court finding that the company did not violate securities law by offering Ripple. This decision marks a significant victory for Ripple and sparks debate about the need for reform within the SEC.

Dogecoin Navigates Market Volatility

However, in light of market fluctuations, Dogecoin continues to be a topic of discussion among investors. As they say, during ups and downs, Dogecoin’s current trading price and market indicators raise doubts about whether this asset is quite good for investment.

Analysts say they are cautiously optimistic as Dogecoin navigates uncertain economic conditions while awaiting macroeconomic developments. Although Dogecoin has reduced its value in recent sessions, its resilience and potential to be among the winners in the future are remarkable.

Raffle Coin becomes important in the definition

In these market uncertainties, the pre-sale of Raffle Coin (RAFF) gives an opportunity to the investor. It offers many uses and benefits in the ecosystem; Therefore, Raffle Coin defines the way we conduct a giveaway by interacting with decentralized platforms. Easy to use, with instant withdrawals and a wide variety of prizes, Raffle Coin democratizes giveaways. The Raff token has been fully approved for audit and the locked liquidity will give confidence to investors.

Bitcoin Bitcoin Investment Cryptocurrency news

Book of Meme skyrockets 345% in 24hrs, Binance jumps on bandwagon

Book of Meme trading volume has soared by 262% to reach $3.8 billion, placing it at ninth on the list of the most-traded cryptocurrencies in the market today.