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Bitcoin price reaches US$69000; Will it soon surpass $76,000?

Bitcoin price added another 10% upward move to the rally this week, jumping from $65,860 to $71,979, but has consolidated in the $68,500 to $70,000 range since hitting the local high. The cryptocurrency market, especially altcoins, witnessed huge volatility as investors awaited the US SEC’s decision on the Ethereum spot ETF.

The week ended strong for Bitcoin and altcoins when the SEC approved the Ether spot ETF, but will this trigger a BTC price rally to a new all-time high?

BTC Price Action Sparks New ATH Speculation
Important week for cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin’s price action this week has sparked fresh speculation about all-time highs among investors. This week was marked by several critical moments: the House approved FIT21 for cryptocurrency regulation and the anti-CBDC bill that prohibits the Federal Reserve from issuing CBDC, approving Ether spot ETFs, and purchasing Bitcoin ETFs counted after outflows from capital in previous weeks.

Headwinds for Bitcoin’s new all-time high

Cryptocurrency market sentiment increased from 70 (greed) to 76 (extreme greed). However, headwinds still remain for the Bitcoin price to reach a new all-time high. In the short term, macroeconomic events such as US PCE inflation data and the May 31 cryptocurrency market expiration are the main obstacles to the current recovery in Bitcoin prices.

Bitcoin is holding firm above the key $66,000 support level after cooling US CPI inflation caused a breakout in the BTC price in mid-May. BTC also experienced a breakout of the 2-month trendline this week, prompting long trades.

Meanwhile, more than 65,687 BTC options with a face value of $4.54 billion are about to expire, with a put/call ratio of 0.57. The maximum critical point is $65,000, indicating high probabilities of Bitcoin liquidation after days of low trading volumes. Implied volatility (IV) shows significant dips in all key terms, meaning volatile price movements could likely cause a pullback in the price of BTC.

Analyst BTC Predictions

Crypto analysts are optimistic about the price of BTC reaching at least $100K this year, with rate cuts from the US Federal Reserve and other central banks being the main reasons behind this. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has reaffirmed confidence in three rate cuts and dismissed concerns about stagflation in recent speeches.

Analyst Caleb Franzen said: “Bitcoin has certainly formed a new base.” After recording lower lows for weeks, it reached higher lows for 3 weeks. He also added that this bullish structure coincides with the 30-day Williams %R signal as overbought signals are bullish.

Whales are buying the dip as a new buying trend appears for BTC price. On-chain data from IntoTheBlock indicates that whale addresses have been the top accumulators, generating $1.4 billion worth of BTC in their balances. As prices fell below $67,000, whales accumulated more BTC.

Will BTC Price Reach $76,000 Soon?

BTC price is up 1% in the last 24 hours and the price is currently trading near $69,000. The 24-hour low and high are $68,343 and $69,579, respectively. Furthermore, trading volume has decreased by 50% in the last 24 hours, indicating a drop in interest among traders. Therefore, buying pressure is low amid a long holiday as the US market is closed on Monday for Memorial Day.

Bitcoin futures and options data indicates that buying and selling are almost balanced over the past 24 hours, as total BTC futures and options open interest has fallen over the past few hours. Traders expect low trading volumes in the coming days due to holidays and other factors.

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Bitcoin Spot ETFs to Hit Hong Kong Market on April 30, Expert Warns of Imminent Rate War

In a significant development for the Bitcoin (BTC) market, Hong Kong will witness the start of trading of several spot Bitcoin ETFs on April 30.

This milestone follows the successful approval and subsequent commercialization of Bitcoin ETFs in the United States earlier this year under the regulatory oversight of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

With institutional adoption on the rise and Bitcoin reaching its all-time high of $73,700 in March, the upcoming launch of these ETFs in Hong Kong holds great promise for the cryptocurrency market.

Rate battle looms

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) made a notable announcement on April 15, approving the trading of several Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs. This regulatory approval paved the way for Bitcoin ETF trading in Hong Kong.

Industry experts Eric Balchunas and James Seyffart of Bloomberg anticipate a rate war will ensue as ETF issuers strive to attract the largest number of customers.

Balchunas and Seyffart predict possible rate war in Hong Kong as Bitcoin ETFs prepare to launch. The Harvest Fund, for example, plans to enter the market with full fee waivers and the lowest rate of 0.3% after the waiver period.

Revised Bitcoin ETF Projections

The competitive fee structures of these Bitcoin ETFs are expected to generate greater interest among investors, which could attract greater assets under management.

Balchunas acknowledges the relatively low rate levels and describes them as a positive sign for the market. Lower fees are likely to increase the attractiveness of these index funds and increase their assets under management (AuM).

While optimism surrounds the launch of Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong, Eric Balchunas offers a cautious analysis of potential capital inflows into this new market.

Blachunas suggests that these ETFs could lag behind their US counterparts, which have already achieved trading volumes of more than $200 billion since their launch in January.

Balchunas revised his initial forecast, estimating that these Hong Kong ETFs could attract up to $1 billion in assets under management in the first two years of operation, doubling his previous projection of $500 million.

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Bitcoin spot ETFs to receive green light in Hong Kong in April

According to a recent Reuters report, Hong Kong will become the first city in Asia to launch Bitcoin spot ETFs. Notably, initial approvals for these ETFs are expected to be announced next week, significantly exceeding industry expectations for these types of launches this year.

The revival proposed by Hong Kong

According to the report, the decision to introduce spot Bitcoin ETFs comes as Hong Kong seeks to revive its status as a preeminent financial center, in which pandemic-related restrictions have been somewhat eased, China’s economic slowdown and tensions between China and the United States.

By adopting cryptocurrency investment vehicles, Hong Kong aims to attract new global investments and take cryptocurrency adoption to new heights.

Adrian Wang, CEO of Metalpha, a Hong Kong-based crypto asset manager, emphasized the importance of introducing Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong, noting the potential for greater global investment and broader adoption of cryptocurrencies.

This move follows the success of the United States, which launched the first US-listed spot Bitcoin ETFs in January and attracted approximately $12 billion in net inflows, as Bitcoinist previously reported.

While the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and the three Chinese firms declined to comment, the Hong Kong units of China Asset Management and Harvest Fund Management recently obtained approval from the SFC to manage portfolios with investments greater than 10% in virtual markets. asset.

These parent companies are major mutual fund companies in China, each managing more than 1 billion yuan ($138 billion) in assets.

Bitcoin Futures Success Fuels Interest in Spot Bitcoin ETFs

Cryptocurrency trading is prohibited in mainland China. However, Chinese offshore financial institutions have shown great interest in participating in the development of crypto assets in Hong Kong.

The city had already approved ETFs for cryptocurrency futures in late 2022, with the CSOP Bitcoin Futures ETF being the largest. It has accumulated around $120 million in assets under management, up sevenfold since September 2023.

In addition to the aforementioned asset managers, Hong Kong-based Value Partners has expressed its exploration of launching a spot Bitcoin ETF, although it has not revealed whether an official application has been filed.

Additionally, at least four asset managers from mainland China and Hong Kong, including China Asset Management, Harvest Fund Management and Bosera Asset Management, have filed applications to launch Bitcoin spot ETFs.

As the regulatory landscape evolves, the introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong is expected to pave the way for greater investment opportunities and contribute to the growth and maturation of the global cryptocurrency market.

At the time of writing, the market-leading cryptocurrency has witnessed significant price volatility. It approached its all-time high on Monday and hit a high of $72,600. However, it encountered upper level resistance, falling towards the $67,600 range. This represents a 3.5% reduction in the last 24 hours alone.

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US Bitcoin ETFs Bounce Back With $569.4M in Net Inflows After Initial Dip

Spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) concluded the week on an upbeat note, securing $203 million in positive inflows on Friday, as per the latest data. Despite an initial setback of $84.7 million in net outflows on April 1, the ETFs have since rebounded, gathering $569.4 million in net inflows.

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USTC surges 15% amid recovery following LUNC’s BTC surge

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) and Terra Classic USD (USTC) have recently experienced major price fluctuations. After an impressive rally, both tokens suffered a pullback, attracting the attention of investors and market analysts. However, LUNC and USTC have nullified the bearish trend, with prices up 18% and 15% at the time of publication.

LUNC Roller Coaster Week

LUNC, the revamped version of the original Terra Luna, posted a notable 26% gain last week. This surge peaked on November 27, when the token reached $0.000128 before the momentum faltered and the price fell to $0.000095. Furthermore, despite this decline, LUNC has seen a substantial increase of 27.70% in the last seven days and an even more impressive increase of 49.23% in the last month.

USTC Soars After LUNC Recovery

Similarly, USTC, the dollar-pegged stablecoin that remained unpegged after the 2022 crisis, made headlines with a surge of over 200%. Although it reached a high of $0.078, the price adjusted to an intraday low of $0.03147 before establishing solid support. Despite this, USTC has recovered, up 205.53% last week and up 233.95% for the month. Furthermore, at press time, USTC had reversed downward pressure, rising 15.90% to $0.046125, according to CoinStats.

USTC Price Chart

One of the main drivers of these price movements is the recent strategic acquisition of USTC by Terra Classic Labs, which has also positively influenced the value of LUNC. However, despite the recent negative trend, a decline of over 20%, USTC has gained bullish momentum over the past day. This resurgence is attributed to LUNC’s bullish recovery after Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed $38,000.

Despite these fluctuations, the tokens have attracted significant attention in the crypto community. Santiment analysts suggest that the initial price rises of LUNC and USTC may have been driven by fear of missing out (FOMO) among investors.