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Ripple CTO David Schwartz Reveals Unexpected Truths About XRP Distribution and Supply

David Schwartz, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer, recently shared his views on the company’s strategy regarding its XRP holdings. These revelations provide a better understanding of Ripple’s approach to managing its cryptocurrency holdings.

Ripple’s XRP Allocation

Ripple’s XRP assets are divided into two different categories. The first includes the XRP currently available in Ripple wallets. The second category includes XRP in escrow on the ledger, scheduled for release in the coming months. However, it is important to note that Ripple does not have immediate access to custodial XRP until its scheduled monthly release. In the past, a significant portion of the released XRP was returned to escrow.

XRP Holdings Decisions and Strategies

Responding to a user’s query, Schwartz explained Ripple’s options regarding its XRP holdings. In principle, Ripple can either maintain its current XRP holdings or choose to reduce them. According to Schwartz, the company planned to reduce its XRP holdings as quickly as possible. However, he questions the feasibility and potential benefits of this original strategy.

Initially, the company considered using giveaways to reduce its supply of XRP. But as XRP gained market value, there was a chance that people would take advantage of these freebies, which led to their discontinuation. Ripple has also explored alternative methods, such as B. Locked Sales and using XRP to incentivize affiliates. Ultimately, however, these strategies were similar to selling XRP directly.

Long-term vision and trusting decisions

Schwartz noted that, despite being over a decade old, Ripple is making good progress on its initial five-year plan. He also answered questions from the community about managing deposited XRP. Additionally, Schwartz expressed ambivalence toward the escrow account itself, rejecting the idea of burning the escrow stock on the grounds that it might lead to a different outcome.

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