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Binance launches new web3 AI gaming platform

Sleepless AI is a web3 and AI integrated gaming platform that offers a new interactive gaming experience. The platform allows users to interact with AI-based features in a gaming environment.

The platform will be available tomorrow and will allow users to stake BNB, FDUSD, and TUSD to earn AI tokens over a seven-day period. AI tokens will be able to be traded on Binance from January 4th, with several trading pairs available, including AI/BTC and AI/USDT.

The total supply of AI tokens is set at 1 billion, with 70 million designated for Launchpool rewards. The distribution is part of Binance’s strategy to encourage participation in the new gaming platform. The platform’s unique offering lies in the use of AI to create more interactive and personalized gaming experiences.

Users also have the flexibility to withdraw funds at any time and switch between the different funds available. Additionally, Binance’s BNB Vault and locked products are configured to support Launchpool, allowing BNB staked in these products to participate in Launchpool and automatically earn rewards.

BNB also saw a notable recovery in the market today, with the token rising to $296, its highest price in the last six months. The altcoin is up more than 11% today and 17.5% in the last week.

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