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Investor Sentiment Drops as Cryptocurrency Market Loses $100 Billion

The cryptocurrency market has now faced another challenge. In the last day, bitcoin prices fell by around $2,000, causing the cryptocurrency market to lose a significant amount of value. As it stands now, the value of the cryptocurrency market has fallen over $100 billion and is now perilously close to falling below $1 trillion once again. This affected market sentiment, causing more fear in the market.

The market turns into fear

The cryptocurrency market was seeing some recovery in anticipation of the Ethereum meltdown. But as the excitement faded, the market began to see a drastic price correction. Bitcoin reached $25,000 at its peak in this latest recovery cycle. However, he has since lost most of those gains.

With that, cryptocurrency market sentiment picked up for a while after Bitcoin started its rally. At its highest point, the Fear & Greed index has a score of 42, the highest point in four months. That put him closer to greed than ever, but the market had other ideas.

Bitcoin price fell back below $22,000 and with it, market confidence plummeted. He finished Thursday with a low score of 30, putting him back in fear territory. The pullback is reflected in the cryptocurrency market, falling from $1.1 trillion to around $1 trillion at the time of writing.

As fear has returned to the market, investors are becoming more cautious when it comes to investing in the cryptocurrency market. Perpetrating traders have shown market fatigue over the past week, causing bitcoin funding rates to drop below neutral. Now the rest of the market is following suit.

Recovery in the cryptocurrency market?

With the market just starting to pull back, the correction is likely not over. These corrections are to be expected when the market grows so much in such a short time. This helps prices adjust to values ​​that reflect the current state of the market.

This means that the bitcoin price may still experience some drops. For now, the bottom is speculated to settle at a price of $17,600, so the bears will want to test support at this point. The historical movement also supports the movements, as it has done with previous bear markets.

Also, the weekend is here, and it is a period known for low liquidity. This means that Bitcoin is likely to continue its downtrend over the weekend. If the price of Bitcoin drops below $21,000, the cryptocurrency market will drop below $1 trillion.

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