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CryptoDickbutts NFTs Increase Nearly 700% in Daily Sales Volume

CryptoDickButts (CDB) floor price has skyrocketed with overwhelming support from popular influencers. CBD soared on Sunday, outperforming other well-known NFT collectibles with significant volume.

CDB was ranked 6th for the highest daily NFT trading volume on OpenSea. At the time of writing, CryptoDickbutts has soared 690% or roughly 290 ETH equivalent to about $495,000, outperforming major NFT projects like Art Blocks, Cool Cats, and Goblintown.

CBD trading volume has notably increased by more than 135% in the last seven days.

CryptoDickbutts is the brainchild of famous comic book artist K.C.Green. Created in 2006, Dickbutts became very popular on the Internet as a meme shared on various social media platforms.

CryptoDickbutts rises after Farokh’s 3.8 ETH investment in CBD

Dickbutts is a collection of over 161 NFTs which was hereafter referred to as the OG Collection released in March 2021. Followed by a Series 3 consisting of over 5,200 NFTs released in August 2021.

The CryptoDickbutts NFT collection wowed everyone when its sales volume skyrocketed last week after Rug Radio host Farokh announced its entry of 3.8 ETH or the equivalent of roughly $12,000 worth of CBD.

CryptoDickbutt is far from cheap, with the cheapest NFT CBD you can find in Series 3 selling for around 3 ETH or roughly $5,100 at press time, which is up over 31% over the night. . This is notably the highest CBD has ever reached, up 163% in the previous month.

CBD Price Bomb Triggered By Massive Support From Influencers

In terms of the NFT price floor, CBD still has a long way to go as it currently sits at 34th, but with CryptoDickbutt peaking, investor interest and demand have revived.

Meme culture is definitely at its strongest right now, especially for CBD. While other NFT projects seem to have lost popularity, CryptoDickbutts has emerged stronger than ever.

This NFT project is under the CryptoDickbutt DAO, including popular personalities like ProbCause, Blondish, and Steve Aoki.

The CryptoDickbutts price pump is a surprise, but somehow Meltem Demirors, Chief Strategy Officer at Coinshares, may have something to do with it. Demiros recently started so-called emergency Twitter Spaces on Sunday.

Demirors apparently mentioned, “The Dickbutt community has always focused on one thing, and that is the universal truth that a D equals a B… I also think commenting on prices defeats the overall purpose here. Dickbutts is not about investing. Cock butts are a culture.”

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