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Japanese Virtual Intellectual Property Company Raises $10 Million to Accelerate Metaverse Business

Brave Group Inc., a Japanese virtual IP company, recently said that it has raised $10 million in new capital and that the company hopes to use some of those funds to boost its “customer solution services in the metaverse marketing business.” Two local companies, foreign investment funds and individual investors participated in Brave Group’s latest funding round.

Metaverse market growth

A Japan-based virtual intellectual property company, Brave Group Inc., said recently that it has raised $10 million in new funding, bringing the total raised so far to $18 million. The company will use the new capital to strengthen its existing business operations and “expand its customer solutions services in the metaverse marketing business.”

In a recent statement, Brave Group revealed that Japanese companies such as Dawn Capital and Osaka Gas Co. Ltd. participated in the round which also included “foreign investment funds and individual investors”. In comments following the announcement of the capital increase, Kazuhiro Ishikura, general partner at Dawn Capital, said:

As the boundary between real and virtual life disappears, the form of entertainment will also change and new IP content KOLs are expected to be born. As the metaverse market grows globally, we believe that Brave group content will be at the heart of the excited virtual communities that will emerge. We hope that the strength of the anime and manga culture that Japan has cultivated over the years will reach the world virtually.

Yuichi Sakamoto, senior general manager of Osaka Gas’ innovation department, is quoted as saying his company is ready to help Brave Group Inc. to “carry out lifestyles and businesses that respond to the New Normal”.

For his part, Brave Group Inc. CEO Keito Noguchi said that by raising $10 million, his company would now “maximize the impact of Brave Group’s intellectual property not only in Japan, but also around the world.”

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