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Cristiano Ronaldo and Binance Partner: Web3 for Football Fans

Cristiano Ronaldo stated that he would like to provide his fans with unprecedented experiences through the NFT.

Football star Cristiano Ronaldo has signed an exclusive multi-year NFT partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Binance. As part of this collaboration, football fans will be introduced to the Web3 ecosystem through NFT’s global campaigns.

In the announcement, Binance explains that as part of the partnership, several NFT collections will be created with Cristiano Ronaldo. They will be sold exclusively through the Binance NFT platform, with the first collection expected to launch later this year.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO and founder of Binance, praised Cristiano Ronaldo’s achievements in football, saying that the athlete “transcended the sport to become an icon in various sectors”. Zhao also said:

“Through his authenticity, talent and charity work, he has built an extremely loyal fan base.”

Zhao further stated that Binance hopes to provide Ronaldo fans with “unique opportunities to connect with Ronaldo” if they own pieces from NFT collections. Meanwhile, the football star also commented on the planned NFT releases. He said fans would certainly be happy about it. Ronaldo also commented:

“The relationship with the fans is very important to me, so the idea of ​​delivering unprecedented experiences through the NFT platform is something I wanted to do as well.”

In March, Ronaldo was rewarded with crypto tokens for his sporting achievements. The football star received JUV tokens for every goal he scored in his career. This is the official supporter of the Italian football club Juventus Torino.

Despite the current crypto winter, the Binance CEO expressed his optimism in early June. Zhao explained that this is the third crypto winter for him and the second for Binance. So, he said, the team knows how to navigate a bear market. In addition, he said that the exchange will take advantage of this as an opportunity to hire more available professionals during this period.

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