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Samsung launches first smart TV with NFT browsing and commerce option

The non-fungible token (NFT) frenzy continued as we started in 2022 and electronics giants are already stepping into the tokenized wagon of the trend. Today, electronics multinational Samsung unveiled its “NFT aggregation platform” backed by its exclusive smart TV launches. According to Samsung, users can browse and exchange NFT through its MicroLed, Neo QLED and The Frame models.

The platform will literally function as an aggregator, displaying NFTs from various markets on users’ screens. In addition to displaying NFT, the platform will also display relevant details including creator name and relevant blockchain metadata. In addition, users can also view their valuable NFT assets using the platform.

Finally, Samsung stated that it has ensured quality display for the wide range of NFTs using its “Smart Calibration” technology that automatically adjusts the TV’s settings to match the original creator’s specifications.

“The role of the screen has changed dramatically in recent years with advances in technology and the way entertainment is provided. With our new product line, we're offering customers a fully immersive audio and video experience that can be customized to their needs... Whether you're a movie buff, TV lover, gamer, or even a music enthusiast. movie theater. Art, Samsung has cutting-edge offerings that can enhance any room,” said Simon Sung, executive vice president and head of Samsung's Visual Display Business sales and marketing team.

2021 The domain of the NFT will extend to 2022

NFT’s popularity soared over the past year, beating every trend in Defi’s landscape. According to Chainalysis 2021 NFT Market Report, approximately $26.9 billion of NFT was traded across all NFT markets, determining its growing dominance.

Social media, as well as institutional giants, are poised to incorporate NFT by 2022. Late last year, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri confirmed that the leading social media platform is “actively exploring” NFTs. In addition, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell also decided to go a step further by securing the NFTs. Kraken, the big centralized encryption exchange, has announced the upcoming launch of its NFT marketplace, which will offer NFT-guaranteed loans.

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