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Nigeria’s central bank says it is ready to launch CBDC

After failing to implement its CBDC on October 1, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) released a document reiterating its commitment to launch e-naira. In fact, in this document titled The Design Paper for the E-naira, CBN says that it is now ready to launch Nigeria’s CBDC.

CBN prioritizes robust ecosystems

However, in the same document, the central bank appears to downplay the implications of the failed launch, as expected. Instead, the CBN tries to highlight the importance of getting it right the first time and how this ensures the long-term success of the digital currency. The document explains CBN’s position:

Although the launch of e-naira is an important event, it is a milestone on a long journey. E-naira is a process, not a single step. Over time, CBN believes that the robust ecosystems to be built on the e-naira platform will ensure that Nigeria and Nigerians reap the full benefits of e-naira.

Script by E-Naira

Rather than focus entirely on getting e-naira up and running on time, CBN says it spent a lot of time working on the design and architecture of e-naira. He also prioritized sharing with potential e-naira users the functionality of the digital currency, the risks of e-naira and how they will be mitigated, as well as the roadmap for their implementation.

According to the central bank, it is these critical details that should reassure Nigerians that the e-naira, which will be available to offline users, was well designed and the launch was rigorously planned.

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