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Crypto Mining must be registered and imposed in Russia, said the President of the Financial Markets Committee

Extraction of cryptocokence must be recognized as a company and tax imposing as such, according to Anatoli Aksakov, the Chairman of the Financial Markets Committee of the Parliamentary Russian Federation. The legislator also thinks that the Russian regulation of digital currency must refine.

Changes that can influence mines, taxes, the definition of digital currency.

Discussion on the coming changes in digital currency legislation in Russia, the Chief of the Financial Markets Committee in the State Duma, Anatus Aksakov, expressed his view that Cryiptomoderencia Mining must be added to Russian business activities and to impose more.

The treatment of the mining of the encryption and the taxation of related cryptocurity transactions is one of the areas that will probably be affected by the statutory changes during the fall session of the Russian Parliament. In conversation with the press agency TASS on the limit of the Moscow Financial Forum this week, Aksakov has developed:

As it is a kind of commercial activities, of course, it is necessary to enter the recording, assign a corresponding code and the introduction of taxes.

The member was positive that the changes in terms of digital currencies are to be expected, as Duma has already adopted the first reading law which deals with the imposition of the “Encryptic fact”. At the beginning of this month, the Chairman of the Committee on Legislation, Pavel Kracheninnikov, Interfax said he’s waiting for the law to reach the Underhouse’s soil in the coming months.

Anatoly Aksakov also pointed out that the use of the legal concept related to cryptocurences, as defined, leads to confusion. The concept of “digital currency” to a digital currency of the Central Bank (CBDC), which can be obtained from the Bank of Russia, but it can also be understood as cryptomocurencie, explained the legislator. Aksakov thinks that both must be clearly distinguished.

The Chairman of the Financial Markets Committee emphasized that more discussion, which means “digital currency” needed to determine. Although cryptocurence is known as a digital currency in Russian law, Aksakov stated that it was used as a financial and financial asset instrument for investment purposes and not as a means of payment.

The high-end member of the Russian Parliament added that the Russian Bank should also be set on a digital ruble for the problem and to obtain publishing. The monetary authority announced a plan to digitize the national currency of FIAT last October. The Central Bank will prepare a prototype of the CBDC at the end of this year.

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